What are your favorite colored Christmas lights

White, colored or colorful Christmas lights and Christmas decorations?

Tastes are known to be different and so it is with the Christmas decorations. In Germany there is predominantly the white Christmas decoration or from time to time the monochrome Christmas decoration, predominantly in the color red. The same applies to the Christmas lights.

To be honest, I find it a little too sterile, monotonous and somehow colorless. I like it colorful. It doesn't always have to be as blatantly cheesy as it does now and then with the Americans, but still in this direction. I am always happy when, apart from the window decorations that are always white, I also discover colored spots.

Once I was here in a very well-kept housing estate with many similarly built single-family houses, which of course were completely decorated with white Christmas lights. Then white Schnell. It was nice, but then there was a house completely decorated with colored lights and colored things in the garden. I have to admit that I felt really Christmas. Absolutely my taste!

As I found out later, this house actually belonged to an American who decorated this house for Christmas, and partly to the displeasure of his neighbors, in a typical American way

And how do you like it best? What color are your Christmas lights on the window? What colors is your Christmas tree decorated in?