What are some beginner strategies for poker

Poker Strategy Guides - Play Poker Successfully 2021

Even if poker is classified as a game of chance in Germany and many other countries, anyone who has played the most popular variants of Texas Hold'em or Omaha knows that there is much more to this card game than just a little bit of luck to win a hand or even an entire tournament.

Poker, especially in the tactical variants Texas Hold'em and Omaha, requires a high degree of skill, experience and a well thought-out strategy in order for you to play successfully over the long term.

Our experts have written some strategy guides that will help you learn poker properly and win at poker. Below we offer you an overview of the most important poker strategy guides for online and live players from Germany.

All poker strategy guides at a glance:

The most important basic poker strategies

  • position

    Good positional play is the key to success in poker. Learn how to assess and play off your position at the poker table perfectly.

  • Protect leaves

    By protecting your own hand, you prevent an opponent from trumping you on the turn or river. Here we explain how you can best protect a good hand.

  • bluff

    When you bluff, you are pretending to have a better hand than you actually have. Find out here how best to mislead your opponents.

  • Recognize bluffs

    Detecting a bluff early on can bring you a big profit. Our experts explain how you can read your opponent and recognize his bluff.

  • Heads up strategy

    Even though you only have a single opponent in heads up, it is one of the most demanding disciplines in poker. With this guide you will become a dreaded heads up specialist.

  • Tilt

    The tilt in poker describes the negative feelings you can develop after a series of defeats. In this guide you will find out how to deal with these feelings and avoid tipping.

Poker guides and strategies for advanced players

  • Bad beats

    A bad beat, i.e. a hand that was unlucky enough to be lost on the turn or river, can upset even seasoned poker players. We explain how you can process bad beats quickly.

  • Limit advancement failure

    If you are considering playing online poker at a higher stake level, be sure to read this guide. This is how you find out if you are ready for the bigger stakes.

  • Implied pot odds

    Being able to calculate poker odds is the first step to success, whether in online or live poker. We explain here for beginners and advanced users how the calculations work exactly and how you can benefit from them.

  • Reverse implied odds

    Our experts explain David Slansky’s reverse implied odds strategy to you in a short and clear guide.

  • Comfort level

    We explain everything to you about the comfort level in poker and help you to find your own comfort zone.

  • Pot Control

    One of the most important qualities of a good player is pot control. In our guide to pot control you will find out how you can easily calculate the appropriate stakes for the size of the pot.

  • Turn play

    Already on the turn you can lay the foundations for winning a hand later or decide the hand for yourself. We explain to you how to act most effectively on the turn.

  • River Play

    A particularly critical situation when playing a poker tournament or cash game is the phase after the river card has been revealed. Perfect your river play with our guide.

  • Semi bluff

    Find out everything about the semi bluff and how you can use it most profitably in this expert guide.

  • Short stack strategy

    Find out everything about the popular short stack strategy, how it works and how you can take action against it.

  • game schedule

    The game plan or game plan helps you to make the right decisions against different opponents in every situation. Here you will learn how to create a poker game plan and how you can use it.

  • Value bets

    Any intermediate player should use value bets to get the most out of any pot. We explain how value bets work.

  • Way Ahead - Way Behind

    The Way Ahead - Way Behind strategy tells you what to do in situations at the poker table where either you or your opponent have a distinct advantage on a hand.

Poker strategies for different game variants

Texas Hold'em

  • Texas Hold'em strategy

    Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variant in the world and at the same time the most strategically demanding. Here you will learn the basics of the strategic game of Texas Hold'em.

  • Texas Hold'em starting hands

    Not all starting hands promise chances of winning in Texas Hold'em. Which cards is worth playing with and overviews of particularly promising starting hands can be found here.

  • The 5-10 rule for pocket pairs

    You can find out here how you should behave in certain situations when holding pocket pairs. Our experts will give you important tips and tricks on how you should play your pairs.

  • Texas Hold'em cash game

    Many players focus on cash games as this is the easiest variant of the game to make quick wins. In our Hold'em Cash Game Strategy Guide you will learn the tricks of the trade.

  • Texas Hold'em SnGs

    Sit 'n' Go is the most popular tournament format in online Texas Hold'em poker. We'll explain all the tricks you need to do well in sit 'n' gos.

  • Table selection

    Before you even get your first hand dealt, you can decide whether or not you will be successful at an online poker table. Here we describe what is important when choosing a table.

  • Pineapple Poker

    Pineapple Poker or Crazy Pineapple Poker is an action-packed variant of Texas Hold'em Poker that you can play on many online poker sites. Here you can find all the rules and strategies.


  • Omaha strategy

    Our detailed Omaha strategy guide. The most important tips and tricks for Omaha poker online. Here you will find general explanations and the most promising Omaha strategies.

  • The best starting hands

    Texas Hold'em players in particular tend to misinterpret starting hands in Omaha Poker, which can sometimes have fatal consequences. Here you can find all the good starting hands with explanations.

Seven Card Stud

  • Seven Card Stud strategy

    Here we introduce you to the popular 7 Card Stud poker variant. In this guide you will find the rules of 7 Card Stud and the most important strategies and tips from our experts.

Five card draw

  • Five card draw strategy

    While Five Card Draw Poker requires significantly less skill and experience than most other game variants, you should read this guide before you venture out to a real money draw poker table.

  • Triple Draw Lowball Poker

    Triple Draw Lowball is one of the most popular forms of draw poker. We'll explain how the game works and provide a basic strategy to help you play successfully.

Razz Poker

  • Razz Poker Strategy

    Razz Poker, a form of 7 Card Stud, is becoming increasingly popular. We have summarized the rules and the most important strategies and tactics in this guide.

Live and online poker strategies

Live poker guides

  • Live tournaments

    Live poker tournaments have very special requirements for poker players. In this guide, you'll learn how to gain an advantage and perform successfully in live tournaments.

Online poker guides

  • Online freerolls

    Freerolls, free tournaments where you can win real money, are offered on every good online poker site. We explain the best tactic to secure a free real money win.

  • Online MTTs

    The Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) can either be prize money or qualifying tournaments. Since there are usually a lot of players taking part, perseverance and patience are particularly important. Here, our experts explain to you what else you should pay attention to with MTTs.

  • Online sit 'n' gos

    Sit 'n' Gos are the most popular online poker tournament formats. You will find out how to become a SnG master in this guide.

Poker Strategy - That's how important correct strategy is when playing for real money

Many German online poker players may have tried the game with friends or in a free poker app or software and then dare to go to the real money tables to try their luck. Dozens of online poker gamblers lurk there, just waiting to pull the money out of their pockets.

Especially as a beginner, but also as an experienced player, you should definitely prepare for your first real money tournaments, sit 'n' gos and cash games so that the fun doesn't end after a few minutes and your player account is empty. We have put together some poker rules guides for new players.

Of course, it is even better if you deal with some basic poker strategies, such as bluffing or positional play, at the beginning of your poker career.

If you have a little experience and want to or have already left the novice poker tables, you should slowly start learning more in-depth strategies. For example, pot odds calculations and value bets are relatively easy to learn tools that will give you a distinct advantage and take your game to the next level.

Perfecting your bubble and river play and recognizing and applying various strategies such as small ball or short stack will help you to be more successful at the online poker table - even against more experienced players.

The Poker.de Guides - strategies and instructions from the professionals

All of our strategy guides have been written by professional or semi-professional online poker players who can look back on years of experience and would like to share their knowledge and experience with other German players. With us you can rest assured that we only publish high quality guides that have been researched and written by real experts.

Work your way through these instructions and you will noticeably improve your game in no time. Even as an experienced player, you will surely find one or the other guide here who will help you to eradicate the weak points in your game.


What is the best poker strategy?

There are many promising poker strategies, which is why we have put together poker instructions for beginners, advanced players and different poker variants such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha. We also have tips and tricks for live and online poker.

What is the best strategy for poker tournaments?

The best strategy for poker tournaments differs from classic online poker. There are usually three different phases that require different tactics. While you should play more cautiously at the beginning and plan ahead, it pays off later in the tournament to play a little more offensively.

Where can I learn poker properly and find poker instructions?

To make it easy for you to learn poker properly, we've created detailed guides on basic poker rules and numerous strategies. Here you can find out all about poker terminology, variants and tactics.

What are the poker rules and procedures?

In Texas Hold'em Poker, at the start of the game, the blinds are posted by the two players to the left of the dealer before each player is dealt two cards face down. Then the rest of the players in turn can either bet, raise or fold if the hand is bad. As soon as all remaining players have paid the highest bet, three cards are placed in the center of the table. This is followed by two more betting rounds, after each of which a new card is revealed. Whoever has the best hand at the end wins the round.

Can you play poker in pairs?

Poker can be played in pairs or with up to ten people. Playing poker against a single opponent is also known as heads-up. Of course, playing poker with just two players is different from playing at a full table. We have therefore put together some important tips and strategies for heads-up poker for you.