Why my teath are yellow

Yellow teeth - these measures will help

Yellow teeth not only look unsightly, but in many cases are an indication of poor dental hygiene.

So it is worthwhile to get to the bottom of the cause.

What to do about yellow teeth

First, it helps to clarify how often you have yellow discoloration. Often this already gives information about how you can avoid the unsightly discoloration in the future.

  • Occasionally: If the yellow coating appears briefly, plaque deposits on the tooth surface are usually the trigger. Then brushing your teeth very thoroughly is enough to get the natural white of your teeth back. The yellow discoloration should have disappeared after 1 to 2 days.
  • Permanent: In the case of long-lasting discoloration, other causes may also come into question, for which normal tooth brushing is often no longer sufficient. The discoloration may then have already settled in the upper layers of the tooth and can only be combated by professional cleaning or teeth whitening.

Yellow plaque can have various causes, but in around 90% of cases the trigger is to be found in (incorrect) tooth brushing.

It is best to use an electric toothbrush, which does a lot of work for you and makes it easier to use the right brushing technique. If you don't want to search long, I recommend the test winner Sonicare Diamond Clean and the budget tip Oral-B Pro 2 2000.

The 5 most common reasons for yellow teeth

# 1 Poor dental hygiene - Reason # 1 for yellow plaque. A wrong brushing technique or inadequate care are almost always the cause (how many of us actually floss on a daily basis?). If you have yellow teeth, it is most likely because of it.

# 2 natural shade - The color of the teeth is genetically determined - and some people have significantly yellower teeth than others. An unsightly shade of yellow does not represent a health risk, but often means the opposite: teeth with a particularly thick protective layer of calcium are often yellow.

# 3 bad diet - Too much sugar promotes the development of yellow deposits on the teeth. But other luxury foods such as tea, coffee or tobacco also lead to discoloration (mostly these are not yellow, but dark).

# 4 age - In the course of life, the protective layer of the tooth wears down more and more, which leads to discoloration. With proper dental care, this process can be slowed down but never stopped completely.

# 5 medication - Some antibiotics and mouthwashes with chlorhexidine also cause discoloration. Most of the time, the result is more of a brown or gray shade, which differs significantly from conventional yellow teeth.

Note: In this guide you can read more about the causes of yellow / dark spots on your teeth and learn how to get your teeth white again.

What you can do yourself against yellow teeth

The most important measure against yellow teeth is of course the right dental care. This is - admittedly not surprisingly - to be read in every guidebook for teeth.

But it's true. It is precisely for this reason that you should definitely give some thought to your own dental hygiene.

For most of us, there is definitely something we can do better here:

  • Are you really brushing your teeth with the correct technique? Or do you often neglect certain areas such as the rear incisors?
  • Clean the spaces between your teeth every day Floss? A particularly large number of bacteria form here, which lead to plaque and bad breath.

And even if you pick up a brush every day, mistakes in the cleaning technique may have crept in over the years. When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to ask your own dentist for advice.

Toothbrush & toothpaste help

In many cases, switching to an electrical device is recommended - such toothbrushes compensate for incorrect brushing techniques and superficial cleaning and can thus improve dental hygiene.

Lots of electric toothbrushes They even have their own lightening modes, which specifically polish away unsightly deposits.

If you don't want to search long, I recommend the best toothbrush currently available: The Sonicare Diamond Clean offers everything you need for healthy teeth. In addition to excellent cleaning performance, it also offers a lightening mode:

Read the Sonicare Diamond Clean review

The right toothpaste can also help - whitening variants remove discoloration on the surface.

However, you should avoid toothpastes with too much abrasion, as they wear away the enamel in the long term and even cause it to more Lead to discoloration.

Home remedies for yellow teeth

There are many “insider tips” that should ensure beautiful teeth. However, some of them should be consumed with caution and can even damage the tooth enamel.

  • Activated charcoal or baking soda remove discolouration, but at the same time they remove the protective layers of the tooth like sandpaper. For this reason, such home remedies are not recommended.
  • Coconut oil, on the other hand, is an interesting addition. It has an antibacterial effect and can improve dental health as an additional (!) Measure for cleaning.

The right home remedy can certainly ensure more beautiful teeth - but no superfood in the world can replace daily care and a generally healthy diet.

Proper nutrition against yellow teeth

You can also read about coloring foods on the Internet again and again. Wine, tea or coffee contain color pigments that settle in the upper layers of the tooth and lead to discoloration.

However, these spots are usually dark or gray. They usually do not cause yellow plaque. Avoiding such stimulants only protects against black spots.

An unattractive yellow tinge, on the other hand, is mainly caused by plaque deposits - i.e. poor dental hygiene or sugary foods. So if you regularly suffer from recurring yellow teeth, then it helps to avoid sweets (or a tooth-friendly substitute such as xylitol).

Does lipstick help with yellow teeth?

Yes, the right lipstick can also make teeth appear whiter - just like tanned skin in summer. A dark shade increases the contrast on the face - and makes the teeth appear lighter.

Of course, such a trick does not tackle the causes of tooth discoloration - but in the short term you can ensure a more beautiful tooth appearance. However, if you have permanently suffered from yellow teeth, then there are also professional methods:

Have yellow teeth treated by the dentist

Brushing alone is not always enough to get your teeth white again: Perhaps the natural color of your teeth is more yellowish or stubborn discoloration has already settled in the upper layers of the tooth.

Then often only a visit to the dentist helps, who can help with a few measures. Most of the time this is not cheap, because even the cheapest method costs around 50-100 €.

Professional teeth cleaning against yellow teeth

The doctor cleans the upper layers of the teeth with a fine sandblast. Discoloration, tartar and other deposits dissolve and the tooth shines again in its natural color. This method is particularly effective when the natural color of the teeth is masked by poor dental hygiene.

Whiten yellow teeth

If the teeth should shine a little whiter (beyond the natural shade) then the dentist carries out a chemical teeth whitening. This measure costs several 100 € and is quite complex. Read more about the exact costs, risks & the process in this article about teeth whitening.

Whiten yellow teeth at home

There are also bleaching variants for at home. The whitening cannot quite keep up with the treatment at the dentist because the bleaching agent is less concentrated. Nevertheless, this method can also help with yellow teeth. Read more about home whitening & whitening strips from the drugstore here.

Veneers against yellow teeth

Thin ceramic dishes that are glued onto the teeth promise even better results. This not only improves the color tone, but also the shape (veneers can, for example, make crooked teeth appear straight again). However, the treatment is very complex and expensive. You can read more about this in this article on veneers.

Summary: These tips will help with yellow teeth

Treatment at the dentist is quite expensive - and in most cases, you can avoid these expensive visits with consistent dental care.

  1. Brushing your teeth with the right technique removes plaque reliably and prevents the yellow shade from sticking permanently.
  2. Even if you brush your teeth every day, the best toothbrush will not reach some places in the mouth: all you can do is floss between your teeth.
  3. Bacteria also settle on the tongue and can cause significant discoloration. A tongue cleaner ensures fresh breath.

There are of course other reasons for yellow teeth, but in the vast majority of cases, dental hygiene is the main reason.

If you want to learn more about the topic, please read the Guide to white teeth next, in which I describe all the important lightening methods (including cheap home remedies) in more detail.

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