Are there alternatives to the Thermomix

Thermomix alternatives: What good alternatives are there?

The current model of the Thermomix, the TM6, currently costs 1,359 euros - including a cookbook, cooking course and access to an online portal. If you would like to have a universal kitchen helper in your home, but are not prepared to spend that much, you have a range of alternatives that offer similar functions and can make cooking much easier.

Inexpensive Thermomix alternatives

In order to maintain the basic functions of the Thermomix, you can also use much cheaper devices. Many less price-intensive models concentrate on basic functions such as cooking, cooking, stirring, etc., as well as setting speed, temperature and steaming time.

However, features such as online connection, touchscreen control, own apps or guided cooking are often missing. Features such as the integrated scales offered by the Thermomix are often missing in inexpensive models. In principle, it can be said that you can definitely get the dishes you prepare with a Thermomix with cheaper alternatives.

Krups Prep & Cook

With the multifunction kitchen machine Prep & Cook *, Krups has a model in its range that costs around half the price of the Thermomix, but can do a lot. With a motor output of 1,550 watts and a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, the Prep & Cook offers 12 automatic programs as well as a manual mode. For example, homemade ice cream and many other desserts are possible. The machine enables 14 speed levels and thus offers a lot of possibilities.

You have to do without the integrated scales of the Thermomix - and those who rely on the control via app have to resort to a significantly more expensive variant with Prep & Cook. If you can do without these features, however, you have found an inexpensive alternative in this device.

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