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Customer behaves disrespectfully at the meat counter: Edeka does her lecture - employees report

Update from June 1, 2019: It was an incident that caused quite a stir on the internet. A mother found anything but nice words for the staff at the meat counter in front of the meat counter at an Edeka in Lichtenfels. If your child continued to learn nothing for school, one day they would also be behind the counter. The supermarket did not put up with this attack and countered on Facebook.

Woman with disrespectful words at the meat counter in Edeka: Not an isolated case

Unfortunately, that wasn't an isolated incident. These behaviors would increase, reports branch manager Christian Werner derpicture. Not in frequency, but in violence. The branch manager spoke directly to the woman because he heard the words that were more than hurtful. But she just turned around and left. “That made me so angry!” Quotes him picture.

Now the two saleswomen have their say, who had to endure these incredible words from the woman. "I was shocked and had to swallow first," reports Sigrun Tröbs (55) picture. Her 26-year-old colleague Linda Goldfuß is also angry. "Such a statement really pulls you down, it is human!", She says picture. The two women enjoy working in their jobs, they report. The 55-year-old has been working as a specialist salesperson for 40 years - a job that she loves very much. “This woman portrays our job poorly, apparently doesn't know what we do every day and what we need to know,” she says.

First report: customer behaves disrespectfully at the meat counter - Edeka gives her lecture

Lichtenfels - One can really only hope that the customer with a flush of shame has read the Facebook post and the thousands of reactions to it. And, of course, that she should fundamentally rethink her behavior and the upbringing of her child afterwards.

In the Edeka branch Werner in Lichtenfels, an incident took place in front of the meat counter on Wednesday that makes many angry. It will be reported on the Facebook page of the Edeka branch. A young mother pointed her finger at one of the shop assistants and said to her child: "If you continue to learn nothing for school, then you will also be back there!"

Sentence the mother a slap in the face of the Edeka employees at the meat counter

A slap in the face for the Edeka employees that the branch management did not accept. In a Facebook post, the disrespectful mother received a real lecture. The counterattack becomes a viral hit.

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First of all, Edeka, who attacks Aldi with a simple trick, explains that only well-trained specialists work in the branches, “many with an intermediate level of maturity, some even with a high school diploma”. Then the branch management questions the way women convey values ​​to their children. "Your child will not receive a degree in empathy and humanity, respect and appreciation at school - but we will be happy to do that for you later. In case your child does graduate. And with a bit of luck, you might end up standing behind our meat counter and doing an apprenticeship. And still serve people like you with a smile. Because it learned that everyone deserves respect. Even if it is a little more difficult sometimes! "

Edeka branch in Lichtenfels cannot offer that - thousands share a post on Facebook

That sits! And this all-round blow hits the nerve of many. The post has already been shared over 16,000 times within just one day. "Cheers to the boss who is so behind his employees! “, A Facebook user appreciates the contribution enthusiastically. An Edeka colleague replies via the social network: “I am proud to be one of these butcher's specialist salespeople!” Others feel sorry for the woman's child: “The main thing is that my child is happy with what it does. To put a child under such pressure is not possible, I don't even want to talk about the disrespect ...! "

There is currently another excitement at the supermarket: Edeka is really cashing in on hip buyers for a trend product.

Here you can read the entire Facebook post from Edeka Werner:

The supermarket chain Edeka continues to surprise with provocative commercials. There was a controversial Mother's Day video that the fathers complained about. Now followed a spot for Father's Day.

Shopping like in the past at the farmer. An Edeka branch in Essen inspires its customers with a return to the traditional. In addition to the farmer, the environment also benefits.

Edeka always polarizes with its commercials. Now the supermarket chain has stepped up with a drastic video.

Edeka sells a current trend product under its own brand. The problem: The same content would also be available for a third of the price, under a different name.

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