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Difference between guitar and bass amplifiers ???

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so ... um ... don't want to open an extra thread, knows how everyone piss on each other here
today I want to "jam" a bit together, now I want to know how far I can turn up my marshall vs 102r (has 100 watts and 2 12 inchers) with a bass on it so that it is about clean without anything breaking.
thank you for your reply

I would be extremely careful with. I've had quite a few experiences with * g * our drummer has already scrapped the 12 inch from his peavey guitar amp with the bass to band volume, and on my 80W guitar amp the bass doesn't sound great either, especially loud. it just swallows most of the frequencies ...

But it gets really cool again when I switch my ibanez smashbox between bass and guitar amplifier * g * then I have such a crude, evil sound, and strangely enough, the frequencies are not swallowed by the amp. a bit strange, but it works * g * but I've only done it once or twice, meanwhile I don't dare to do it anymore, because such a bass with a smashbox behind it really makes the guitar amp shake, who knows how long the box would have survived that ...