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personal (German)

Part of speech: adjective

positive personally, Comparative more personal, Superlative most personal
personal, comparative: personal | li | cher, superlative: most personal | most
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [pɛʁˈzøːnlɪç]
Word meaning / definition:
1) mostly attributive: coming from a person (directly)
2) mostly as an adverb, attributive, no increase: in person
3) only for oneself, not intended for strangers
4) mostly attributive: denoting a distinctive trait of someone
5) mostly attributive; often related to criticism: related to someone directly, and not to a thing or content
Origin of the term:
Derivation from the noun person with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -ly
Related terms:
1) own
2) by hand, by yourself, by yourself
3) intimate, confidential
4) characteristic, individual
Opposite words:
1) impersonal
3) public
Application examples:
1) I have one personal Received an invitation from the director.
1) “The personal It was objects that ultimately gave the archaeologists the decisive clues as to the origin of the attackers. "
2) I'll get him personally punish.
2) You can personally come round?
2) “The most important rule for Wikipedia authors is: Don't write articles about people or things that matter to you personally affect."
3) Please leave us alone. Our conversation is personally.
3) They introduced me to a few more personal Ask.
4) With Bertolds more personal Art not everyone gets along.
4) “For who like civil virtues personal The writer Peter Schneider recently noted that he considers responsibility and moral courage to be extreme achievements that one could only expect from high-performance democrats, who shows that he does not want to be judged by this bar. "
5) You shouldn't in your professional life personally become.
5) When someone does everything the same personally you can hardly work constructively with him.
5) “In the times of Goethe and Humboldt, the value of the travel reports presented lay in the originality of the personally experienced, portrayed and interpreted landscape. "
Typical word combinations:
5) with verb: something personallytake something is personallymeant, personally become
Word formations:
Personality; personally


  • English: 1) staff; personally; 2) in person
  • Finnish: henkilökohtainen
  • French: personnel
  • Interlingua: 1) personalmente
  • Italian: 1) personal, personalmente
  • Catalan: 1) personal, personalment
  • Portuguese: 1) pessoal, pessoalmente, em pessoa
  • Swedish: personal
  • Spanish: 1) staff; personalmente; 2) en persona
  • Czech: osobní / osobně
  • Hungarian: személyes; 2) személyesen; 3) magánjellegű; 4) egyéni

Similar words (German):conciliatory

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Labor Minister Laumann came personally to the Bergische to find out more.
Kölnische Rundschau, February 4th, 2019

Cult musicians sold on Friday in the Wandelhalle personally Cards.
Mopo, December 06, 2018

The Chancellor says so in an interview personally how rare. She talks about the right choice of clothes as a woman in politics, the inequality between the sexes and the anger towards her in the East personally.
Welt.de, January 23, 2019

The Chemnitz SPD member of the Bundestag Detlef Müller was apparently personally Eyewitness of the 'hunt' in Chemnitz.
Epoch Times, September 7, 2018

Peter Urdl was happy about Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday personally in Thal near Graz.
Kleine Zeitung, September 15, 2018

Heard and Depp were both back personally in court.
Kölnische Rundschau, July 20, 2020

You don't have to in 2020 personally fly to Washington.
TrendingTopics.at, July 29, 2020

Three women describe their stay in the USA personally advanced.
nachricht.at, December 21, 2019

The parents of future fifth graders can again personally come by: At the grammar school and the IGS in Isernhagen-Altwarmbüchen are now also personal Registrations possible. However, if you want to notice this, you have to hurry.
Hannoversche Allgemeine, June 3rd, 2020

Especially at the start of the year, it pays to think about how to get yourself personally want to develop further - and who can help. What do online coaches do and how important is it personal Conversation?
w & v, January 07, 2020

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Grammar / Declinations

Inflection Personal - The declension of the adjective personal

definite article
Masculinethe personal oneof personalthe personalthe personal
Femininethe personalthe personalthe personalthe personal
neuterthe personalof personalthe personalthe personal
Pluralthe personalthe personalthe personalthe personal
indefinite article
Masculinea personal onea personal onea personal onea personal one
Femininea personal onea personal onea personal onea personal one
neutera personal onea personal onea personal onea personal one
without article
Masculinemore personalpersonalpersonalpersonal
Femininepersonalmore personalmore personalpersonal
Pluralpersonalmore personalpersonalpersonal

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • one's own (one's own, one's own) (go.)
  • intimate: familiar, closely connected, inwardly, inwardly; sexual, sexual or genital
  • not intended for the public
  • not public
  • private (main form): Concerning a single person, as opposed to general areas of society (such as corporations, parties or states); familiar, internal and not public
  • confidential: intended for a restricted group of recipients; not intended for strangers
  • one-sided: biased in position, opinion or course of action; no increase coming from one direction
  • not objective
  • partisan: set unilaterally for a person or group
  • subjective: determined by personal feelings, opinions or prejudices; influenced, irrelevant; in relation to the perspective of a subject
  • unbalanced: imbalanced; lacking balance between two or more things, aspects
  • unobjective: deviating from the purely factual, influenced by feelings
  • face to face
  • in a personal conversation
  • in direct confrontation
  • in personal dispute
  • not on the phone
  • not by phone
  • face to face

Another word (synonym) for personal - source: OpenThesaurus

Dictionary entries

Entries from our dictionary that contain "personal":

Life: ... 1) the epitome of everything organic, based on metabolism, reproduction and growth 2) personal career, beginning with birth and ending with death, short for life path 3) ...

person: ... passenger car, number of people, passenger train, personification, personalize, personification, personal, personality, personality-conscious ...

two:… 1) dva; 3) dvojročný Slovenian: 1) dve Sorbian (low): 1) personal: dwa (male), dwě (female) / (neuter), dwóje; 2) ...

six:… 1) be Slovak: šesť Slovenian: 1) šest Sorbian (low): 1) personal: šesćo (male); šesć Sorbian (upper): 1) ...

three:… 1) tri Slovak: 1) tri Slovenian: 1) tri Sorbian (lower): 1) personal: tśo (male), tśi Sorbian (upper): 1) tři; 2) ...

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