What is an electronic shruti box

Wind instruments

Construction and play of the Shrutibox

The Shrutibox, also called Surpeti, produces a sustained and full sounding drone sound comparable to the sound of a harmonium. This easy-to-use instrument requires almost no playing knowledge. It is preferably used to accompany singing (overtone singing, chanting, etc.). In terms of functionality, it is very similar to the harmonium, but does not have a keyboard. A bellows can be unlocked on both sides of the instrument. The upper open bellows is pumped by hand. The air is pressed inside the instrument by metal tongues that are made to vibrate and produce the corresponding sound when the associated valve on the outside of the instrument is opened. 13 chromatic tones of an octave from c - c 'can be selected by opening the valves, thus making it possible to adapt to the desired pitch. For a nice, full sound, choose the corresponding fifth or sub-fourth for the root note. But you can also choose any combination of chords, depending on your preference. With the note c ', the octave is opened when the 13th valve is opened.

To play, the two bellows hidden in the rear and front front must be unlocked. This is followed by unlocking or opening the valves by turning the white lever sideways. You can create a single drone by opening a valve or whole chords by combining several valves. The bellows that open upwards is continuously pumped with one hand, which means that air passes through the instrument body and into the second bellows. During this process, you will hear the tone that you defined when you opened the valves. You can regulate the volume a little by pumping more gently and calmly or more forcefully. Quieter play is more supported by the larger models than with the smaller models because they have a larger volume of air. Thanks to its simple operation, you can play the instrument in any position you want, even while walking. You can also use the upper handle on the instrument to carry a shoulder strap.

Tarang has 6 different shrutibox models in different sizes from the manufacturers Monoj Kumar Sardar and Paloma on offer. Except for the 3 octaves Shrutibox all have a standard range of 13 chromatic semitones from c - c 'which can be opened individually and thus combined as desired. The details of the models can be found on the corresponding offer pages.

The Shrutibox models we offer are tuned to the A 440 Hertz concert pitch in India. In our western climatic conditions the tuning is then at a minimally higher 441 - max. 442 Hertz. Even trained ears don't necessarily notice this slightly higher mood and most of our musician customers get along well with it. In interaction with instruments whose tuning cannot easily be adjusted, problems may arise under certain circumstances. If so, please let us know. If necessary, we can tune Shrutiboxes to 440 Hertz for an additional charge. Strongly different moods such as B. We only have the often requested 432 Hertz tuning in our delivery offer sporadically. If not, we can order them for you in India if required. Simply ask us.