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Rebecca Ferguson: As simple as a diamond

Her role models were Cher, Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue. Today Rebecca Ferguson sings in the first division herself.

Liverpool is a rough place. Since there was no longer as much to export as at the beginning of the 19th century, when 40 percent of world trade was transacted through the port there, the phenomenon of unemployment has also been known. “We are called 'Scousers”, ”says 25-year-old Rebecca Ferguson,“ we are proud and ambitious. You may be the greatest star in the world, in Liverpool they assume that all people are equal. ”Scouse is both a salted meat dish and a syllable-swallowing local dialect that sounds magical when it comes out of Ferguson's pretty mouth. Every sentence has a touching suburban feel. On the other hand, she sings in crystal clear British English. And has been for a long time. She started doing it when she was around three years old and took singing lessons later in her teenage years. But because she gave birth to two children before her 21st birthday, she saw her future prospects rather bleak. “With two children, you quickly think that life is over. Rather, what is correct is that the kids give me the strength to do what I have always wanted. ”As a single parent, she only stopped dreaming for a moment and applied to the London casting show“ X Factor ”and P. Diddy’s“ Starmaker ”. Unsuccessful at first. In 2010 it worked with the seventh season of "X Factor", a British talent show conceived by Simon Cowell, which has flickered across the screens since September 2004.

Shy soul. Vocally she was already convincing at the beginning, Sam Cooke's hymn "A Change Is Gonna Come". You immediately noticed the difference to their competitors. Although endowed with a distinctive voice, Ferguson withdrew in the decisive moments. This created a more dramatic effect than flashy ornamentation or boasting of the vocal range. Her soul, coupled with a touching shyness, was the guarantee of success for Ferguson.

The jurors always emphasized how much they appreciate not only their singing, but their whole being. And indeed, when you sit across from her, you just have a good feeling. Ferguson wears a pretty fur hood during a conversation in a hotel in Cologne, despite the warm weather. It is reminiscent of the young Aretha Franklin. She too gave birth to two children before she was 20, and yet made a world career. As is now Ferguson. “I want to get a lot more joy out of music in the future,” she says.

For now she has recorded a truly celestial album with “Heaven”. It charms with elegantly built songs and a lot of soul. Most of the compositions come from professional Eg White, who already missed Adele and Duffy songs. Ferguson brought in his own musical ideas and wrote all the lyrics. “I really wanted to sing my own lyrics, so I could be there with all my heart. Only when you bring real experience to the music does it sound like something. ”Love is the central theme of this debut album. Even the opener is called "Nothing’s Real But Love". She is a rock-solid believer in that. “Everyone is vulnerable in this area, but it's also the key to a happy life.” When she performed her quivering version of Bob Dylan's “Make Me Feel Your Love” as part of “X Factor,” there were compliments . Even Adele, Britain's current number one soul star, wrote to her about how impressed she was with the version.

Dog-Eat-Dog in the music business. "Unfortunately, I haven't met her yet," says Ferguson, "but I was touched when she wrote that she voted for me on the show." In the end, Adele recorded this song herself. You can hear him on “Chimes of Freedom”, the Amnesty International charity album. In real life, Ferguson most recently met stars like Lionel Richie for a beautiful duet. In “X Factor” she sang with the powerful Christina Aguilera. "How was that? Intimidating. I almost froze in awe. Fortunately, on TV it didn't look as stiff as I felt inside, ”laughs Ferguson today. The show would have changed her personality. As the? “Well, I was insanely naive when I first got into the studio. What saved me was my attachment. When the television people put green wigs on me or wanted to portray me as a fairy, I put up a fight. Only if you are strong can you survive such a casting show unscathed. ”It was undoubtedly strong. Their sensational debut, gently sailing between blues, soul and pop, reached platinum status in Great Britain within two weeks. The future shines brightly. “Success made me strong,” she says. Postscript: “Now I have an inkling of the dog-eat-dog mentality that prevails in the music business. I was probably way too nice. "


Rebecca Ferguson's Heaven was released by Sony Music.