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Idolatry is the worship of idols. This sin is reported to have been committed after the flood. Knowledge of the true God seems to have generally been given up. Paul says of people that knowing God they still did not glorify him as God. They did not consider it good to have God in knowledge, although what one can perceive of God in nature was revealed to them, namely his eternal power and divinity. They degraded the worship of the true God everywhere, so that idolatry became ubiquitous. Man has no excuse on this point. Idols in the form of perishable people, birds and four-footed and crawling animals were made (Rom. 1: 20-23, 28). From this state, Abraham was saved by the God of glory who appeared to him. The writing shows that folly of a person who cuts down a tree, burns part of it to cook his food on it and to warm himself, and then uses the rest to make a god whom he worships (Isa. 44: 14-17). Even Israel, to whom God revealed himself not only as Creator but also as Redeemer, accepted these evil follies. In addition to wooden pictures, there were also cast pictures and stone pictures.

Imaginary beings were also seen as gods who were feared and tried to be forgiven. Some believed in a fetish (Duden: "magical object; idol") of good and a fetish of evil. Still others, like the Greeks, had a differentiated mythological system with men and women and sons and daughters of the gods or goddesses. Some , like the Greeks and Romans, even raised that People to a god.

In Israel, the idol could initially only have been viewed as a representative of God, just as the Egyptians declared that they had representatives of their invisible gods. When the golden calf was being made, Aaron set up an altar in front of it and said, "A feast to the Lord is tomorrow!". The people, however, said: "These are your gods, Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt." (Exodus 32: 4, 5). However, they had been commanded not to make a carved picture, as they had not seen any figure when God had spoken to them at Horeb. In the case of Michas, who had a house of idols, one can see how this type of idolatry developed further (Judges 17; 18). See Micah.

The secret of all the abominations of idolatry is that Satan is its powerful driving force. Israel was ordered no further sacrifices Demons to sacrifice (Lev. 17: 7). They “sacrificed their sons and daughters Demons"(Ps 106:37). They made their children go through fire for Moloch (2 Kings 23:10; Ezek 23:37, 39) and slaughtered" children in the valleys [...] under the clefts of the rocks "( Isa 57,5).

Corinthian idolatry with its origins in Greek mythology is also referred to as "sacrificing to demons" (1 Cor. 10:20). Satan, the true origin and promoter of all of this, knows very well how to lead a poor ignorant pagan there can be satisfied with imaginary fetishes. The Greeks and Romans enjoy their stately statues, and the Brahmins and Hindus boast of their superior and sophisticated mysticism. Satan has also introduced the worship of the Virgin Mary and the saints into the professing church. There is one more type of idolatry to which Christians are sometimes deceived, and that is to let something other than Christ take first place in their hearts, but in him was revealed God, who is the “image of the invisible God "(Col 1:15), yes, the" true God "(1 John 5:20)." Children, beware of idols! " (1 John 5:21). The word ειδωλον comes from ειδος, “that what seen The greed associated with it is called idolatry in particular (Col 3: 5).

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