Where can I see live DBS episodes

Where can you watch Dragon Ball Super legally online?

Dragon Ball Super is the hugely popular sequel to the anime series Dragon Ball Z and continues the adventures of the grown-up Son Goku and his friends. The series is currently not on television. Therefore, many fans ask themselves the question: Where can you watch Dragon Ball Super online?

Are film streams on the net even legal? Take a look at our video:

Dragon Ball Super as a manga series

But first a quick note: If you google for Dragon Ball Super Streams, you will find numerous websites on the net where you can watch all episodes for free. These are illegal offers. The operators of these pages put the episodes online without the consent of the license holder and thus commit a violation of copyright. According to the latest case law of the European Court of Justice, users of such offers are also potentially liable to prosecution. Therefore, you should avoid such forbidden streaming portals as much as possible.

Dragon Ball Super in the stream online: Where can you find the series German and legal?

At this point, unfortunately, the next damper follows: Currently there are no German-language offers or websites that offer Dragon Ball Super legally and / or in a synchronized German version. We ran the first 52 episodes in the German version on ProSiebenMaxx, but only until November 2017. The series does not run on other channels either, although that may of course change in the future.

The situation is similar with the anime streaming providers. The usual suspects - Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab or AnimeonDemand - either don't have the series on offer or only have the licenses for America or Asia. The only exception was Daiskui.net, where you could watch all episodes in Europe, but Daisuki was discontinued at the end of 2016.

You can theoretically use the anime stream pages above by masking your IP address and pretending to be in another country. However, this is not really allowed, as the licenses for the stream are only valid for certain regions of the world and (at least at the moment) not for Germany.

Alternatives to the Dragon Ball Super Stream

Illegal streaming portals are of course not an alternative, as they make yourself liable to prosecution and may have to pay high fines. One possibility is to get the first 26 episodes on Blu-ray or DVD. At the moment you only get the UK import and pay just under 25 euros per box (13 episodes). This is relatively expensive, but you get a very good picture quality and the box to put on the shelf.

From August 2018 Dragon Ball Super will finally be released in the German version on DVD and Blu-ray. The well-known label Kazé Anime has secured the rights for the first three seasons and publishes the 46 episodes in Japanese with German subtitles and in German dubbing. Volume 1 is expected to be released on August 31, 2018, the price is not yet known.

It is conceivable that the release of the DVD and Blu-ray will also lead to Dragon Ball Super being included in the program by one or more streaming providers. We will definitely keep you up to date!

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