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Naomi Watts can take it

Naomi Watts made a respectable early appearance in Flirting - play with love In any case, 1991 remains largely without consequences. Different Nicole Kidmanwho is part of the teenage romance scene and is soon heading for Hollywood. Naomi Watts, on the other hand, first has to take what she gets, and that means canceling auditions or offers for third-rate horror films. Anyway, she's there, very pragmatic, after a modeling career didn't really work out either. In shock like Down - get in if you dare she tries her hand at the dramatic gesture, learns to depict a broad spectrum of fear, pain and sadness and loses all shyness at the same time. A cryptic mystery thriller with a lesbian love scene catapults them into blockbuster cinema in 2001: Mulholland Drive by David Lynch.

She stays true to the genre, beats herself in The Ring with the undead and act in King Kong Almost out of nowhere with a giant monkey, which only added tricks in post-production. The remake by "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson, with her biggest and most impressive role to date, finally gives Naomi Watts star status.

Now the Watts takes what it wants and shows what it can do. Mostly in thrillers like The International and Fair game - with top partners like Clive Owen and Sean Penn, with whom she made three films together - but also in Woody Allen's drama I see the man of your dreams. As a matter of course, the actress succeeds every time
little feat: to deprive your figure of any artificiality.

What makes the critics rejoice is not always easy for the viewer to endure, because there is probably no other actress who it hurts so much when it hurts her. Exemplary: the drug addict in 21 grams and her no less annoying performance in the tsunami drama The Impossible, for which she is each honored with an Oscar nomination.

One can only guess where the suffering comes from, which she can mercilessly create in the film so credibly. Her father, a sound engineer at Pink Floyd, left the family when she was just four years old and died shortly after of a heroin overdose. Naomi Watts knows the darker sides of life, she is not afraid, a lot on her mind and a lot before, now also as a producer. The fact that among the more than 30 films in which she has played since 2001 - while she is having and raising two children with actor Liev Schreiber - can not be denied. But even Oliver Hirschbiegel's maliciously panned biopic Diana Lady Di's last few years are worth seeing just because of her. Nicole Kidman can turn to Grace aka Princess Gracia of Monaco, no matter how posed - no chance.

Heiko Schulze

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