How do you find a perfect partner

A SINGLE word immediately reveals whether you have found the perfect partner!

Everyone knows these couples, with whom everything always has to happen somehow with a great drama. Wild fights in which china and cell phones fly. Violent reconciliation scenes and always somehow with adrenaline. This often has a very passionate and emotional effect on outsiders. But ultimately, these drama relationships are not designed to be happy in the long term.

At least that's what dating coach Bela Gandhi says. She has already helped thousands of singles in search of love. She knows the pitfalls and knows what makes love fail. She also knows from her experience when a relationship has particularly good prospects of success. And their formula for a perfect relationship is as simple as it is obvious.

This word is crucial

It is above all the couples who consider their relationship to one another "easy" denote who are really happy and made for one another. And "simple" in this case does not mean major dramas and discussions. No worries about ambiguous messages or long silences. No wild arguments and fights.

"A good relationship or marriage takes work, but work shouldn't be hard and exhaust you," Gandhi explains. Couples who also get on that way - without detours and a lot of rumination. Who deal with each other in an uncomplicated way, without great drama, anger and tears. These are relationships with good future prospects.

Often these couples are amazed at how easy and uncomplicated love can be when it fits perfectly. You catch yourself looking for the catch because everything is so easy and harmonious. And THAT, according to Gandhi, makes a perfect couple.

Of course, a relationship always means work. This is the only way it can function in everyday life in the long term. Even with couples who are a perfect match. But in this case this work is not difficult for either of them. Sounds good. After finally arriving, after yourself, after kinship.

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