How are the Niagara Falls lit up?

St. Patrick’s Day: Niagara Falls in Canada is glowing green

First the Niagara Falls were frozen because of the freezing cold - and now they are also turning green: On Saturday, the tourist attraction in Canada is all about St. Patrick’s Day.

From 7 p.m. onwards, the waterfalls turn green for seven hours. Hundreds of LED lights ensure that they illuminate the masses of water.

St. Patrick’s Day in Canada: Niagara Falls glow green

The lighting has already been tested so that everything works. Here is a foretaste:

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There will be celebrations around the world for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th: The “Global Greening Campaign” is an action by the Irish Tourism Association. Not only the Niagara Falls will shine in the typical green color on Saturday: In Africa it is the Victoria Falls, in Turkey the Atakule TV tower in Ankara. And in Japan a large football stadium is illuminated in green.

Colorful Niagara Falls: The spectacle repeats itself

If you don't make it to Canada so spontaneously, don't worry: As part of the “Niagara Falls Illumination”, the waterfalls will be presented in bright colors on special holidays all year round.

Incidentally, the color green for St. Patrick’s Day is more of a fad: The Irish celebrate the day in honor of the holy priest Patrick - and he is supposed to have always worn blue clothes.