In heaven you really are you

That you are in heaven

Artreyu and Liora are spending a romantic evening in nature when Liora suddenly begins to glow in an inexplicable way. Some time later it disappears without a trace.
A year later, Artreyu and his crew come off course while his space capsule is approaching and crash somewhere in the wilderness. The team is just getting away with life. But Artreyu puts her life in danger again to save a strange-looking woman, who is surrounded by a glow, from a collapsing bridge, and injures herself in the process. However, none of his crew members want to have seen this woman, and certainly not that she shines. Since Artreyu does not seem to be mentally fully there, he is suspended from his job.
When he arrives at his empty house, he is confronted with the fact that he does not know what happened to Liora. And strange things start to happen. Artreyu begins to see strange beings and to doubt his mind. But somewhere deep down it all seems to make sense to him. He finds a notepad from Liora that contains only two sentences: Who am I? And what is the meaning of life?
These questions captivate him, but can he really ever get an answer to them?
His questions drive him into the wilderness and as soon as he has come to terms with his new circumstances, an accident happens that changes everything. While Artreyu barely manages to jump death off the shovel, he seems completely insane. But the misfortune takes an unexpected turn and so not only is his question about the nature of the human being answered, but he finally finds out what happened to Liora. With unforeseen consequences ...

Artyom Maier, born in 1986 in the USSR. After the collapse of the USSR, his family moved to Russia and later to Germany. The author has published two non-fiction books on the subject of sport: The way to the splits and isometric strength training. Artjom Maier also writes for various blogs. His first novel was self-published. "You are in heaven" is his second novel.