What is an underrated talent

In August I already reported about Reddit at this point when the new Reddit Guide was presented and in this context I also touched on examples for placing job offers or looking for suitable candidates on the platform. A new infographic from GlobalWebIndex suggests deepening these efforts, as according to the data collected there on active Reddit users, they are

  • well educated: more than half have a university or graduate degree,
  • relatively young: 75% of active users are between 16 and 34 years old,
  • well networked: three quarters use mobile internet, almost half use tablets to surf, three out of five users want to be available at all times,
  • very active in social media: 95% of Reddit users are also active on Facebook, 94% on YouTube, 90% on Google+ and 87% on Twitter,
  • good “brand ambassadors”: 40% have “liked” a company in the last month, in general they are twice as willing to leave a rating or a comment on company websites.

In short: A very interesting platform and target group for all companies that are open to new ways of recruiting - or would like to become one.



Over half of Reddit’s active users have a university or post graduate degree. Well educated. http://t.co/FpywZPpYx2pic.twitter.com/KALnqmklar

- GlobalWebIndex (@globalwebindex) September 16, 2014


Photo: GlobalWebIndex