What is the future of Microsoft

Microsoft: This is where the future is developed

Microsoft's innovation machine is running at full speed. The software giant has unveiled a new application designed to make teamwork easier.

This involves creating avatars or holograms for colleagues. Despite the spatial separation, this should create the impression that the entire team is in one room. To implement the idea, Microsoft specially developed a mixed reality platform called Mesh, which is suitable for the use of the HoloLens 2 AR glasses, but should also work with smartphones, tablets and PCs.

With its in-house augmented reality glasses HoloLens, Microsoft can already "teleport" the conversation partner into the field of vision using a 3D scan. Microsoft also calls this effect "holoportation". The HoloLens works without a smartphone or an additional computer.

Home office is increasingly becoming part of our everyday life. And Microsoft is a market leader in home office software. Mesh is another important innovation from the software giant that will support remote work in the future. Let profits run!

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