What is a keen eye

A keen eye

A keen eye

Description [edit | Edit source]

It would be a wise idea to get an overview of the area first before we start. Inquisitor Nottlich is an experienced falconer and a reliable scout. He uses an ancient artifact to see through his falcon's eyes. So he can see unbelievable distances. Unfortunately there was an emergency wounded in battle. It's nothing threatening, but it's bad enough that he can no longer concentrate on leading his hawk. Can you help?

History [edit | Edit source]

Inquisitor Knüpp says: Now hold still!
Inquisitor Nottlich says: I am trying! But it would be easier if you didn't nearly rip my arm off!
Oh, hello, .
Don't worry about that, it's just a small wound. At least as long as Knüpp does not provide "first aid" and makes it worse.
What can I do for you?
I need your help scouting the area.
I'm afraid I'm not ready at the moment, but I could lend you Wilhelm for a while.
Here, take this pipe. So you can control him directly. But remember that the connection to Wilhelm is broken if he gets too stressed. Stay away from obsessed hawks or crossbowmen.
Good luck ... Oh, and please try not to kill my bird, .
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Well done! The way to the Kronsteiganwesen leads through the upper part of Korlach. We should take a look at that first.
Inquisitor Nottlich says: A barrier, huh? That doesn't surprise me, but it does pose a problem for us.
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Why don't we take a look at the place for ourselves. Make sure you fly low enough for us to see something properly.
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Are you rounding up the residents? So not all of them have been bewitched by the Circle!
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Maybe there are more survivors out there!
Inquisitor Nottlich says: One last goal before we return: there is an armory on the hill there. Let's see if someone is there.
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Is the blacksmith alive? I call that luck! We should get to him as soon as possible.
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Come back quickly! We have to report back to Marshal Lesner. He's sure to think of a good strategy!
Inquisitor Nottlich says: Thank you for bringing Wilhelm back to me safely. Lesner will surely want to know what you saw out there.

Completion [edit | Edit source]

At least now we know that there are still a few people in Korlach we can save.
We should focus on them until we have a plan on how to get around this barrier.
I'll bring this pipe back to Nottlich. Thank you, .

Progress [edit | Edit source]

  1. The road to Korlach
  2. The first watch
  3. A keen eye
  4. Ballast blacksmith wanted | Metal detector
  5. An upgraded arsenal
  6. Witch shooting
  7. Barrier breaker
  8. Make a breakthrough