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Physiology for students of medical physics

At the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, the module "Physiology" (Medicine 2) for students of medical physics is integrated over 2 semesters with the lectures "Fundamentals of Human Physiology" and "Pathophysiology".

The module (starts only in the winter semester) consists of 3 parts:
1.) Neuro- and sensory physiology (winter semester)
2.) Vegetative Physiology (summer semester)
3.) Pathophysiology (summer semester)

The admission requirement for the physiology module for bachelor students (5th and 6th semester) is the successful completion of the anatomy module.

Exams are held at regular intervals - these check the acquisition of the material taught up to that point.

A maximum of 72 points can be achieved in the exams (multiple choice questions), of which 33 points are allocated to the neuro and sensory physiology part, 33 points to the vegetative physiology part and 6 points to the pathophysiology part, which is written together with the vegetative physiology part becomes.

Successful participation in the module is certified if at least 60% of the maximum achievable points, i.e. usually 43 or more points, have been achieved in the exams.

Assessment and grading scale:

1.0: 72 - 70 correctly answered questions 2.7: 57 - 55 correctly answered questions
1.3: 69 - 67 correctly answered questions 3.0: 54 - 52 correctly answered questions
1.7: 66 - 64 correctly answered questions 3.3: 51 - 49 correctly answered questions
2.0: 63 - 61 correctly answered questions 3.7: 48 - 46 correctly answered questions
2.3: 60 - 58 correctly answered questions 4.0: 45 - 43 correctly answered questions

1.0: very good; 1.3: very good, minus; 1.7: good, plus
2.0: good; 2,3: good, minus; 2.7: satisfactory, plus
3.0: satisfactory; 3.3: satisfactory, minus; 3.7: sufficient, plus
4.0: sufficient

Examinations for the Bachelor of Science can according to § 18, paragraph 3 of the examination regulations
Bachelor Medical Physics to be repeated twice:

At the beginning of the semester following the exam, a repeat exam with 40 questions from the entire range of physiology and pathophysiology is offered. If this possibility of repetition is not passed, he / she must take part in the repetition exam offered in the next course semester (in the form of a comprehensive exam that covers the entire subject of physiophysiology and pathophysiology). If the proof of achievement is not provided afterwards, the re-admission to the relevant compulsory course is excluded according to §82 Abs. 4 HG. Another attempt at examination is only possible with the approval of the examination board.

Düsseldorf, March 18, 2021