Are video games bad

Parents take note: gaming is healthy

From Rino, Thibault, Ayan

Gaming - playing video games - is an increasingly popular hobby among young people - especially boys. Some of them spend several hours a day gaming.

The youth reporters wanted to know what is so fascinating about gaming. And whether the cliché is true that gaming makes you stupid. To do this, they talked to experienced gamers from Rapperswil-Jona.

Movement to compensate

It is not, as is often said, violent games that young gamers pass the time with. Tactic and strategy games are particularly popular, as the youth reporter survey shows. Sports games are also very popular.

The young people surveyed spend two to fourteen hours each week playing video games. The boys play about six and a half hours on average every week, which is about an hour a day. "It can sometimes take longer," says one gamer, "on weekends I sometimes play until late at night."

But is that still healthy? According to, playing too long without a break can damage the eyes and the spine.

In addition, children need a regular balance to the video games, it says on the portal.

In order to prevent a lack of exercise in children and adolescents, exercise in the fresh air and playing with other children should not be neglected. For most of the parents of our respondents, playing is okay - as long as the children do their schoolwork. Many parents tend to have negative attitudes towards video games.

Nevertheless, many of the respondents do not have to adhere to any rules relating to gaming, but fixed rules are important. So that the aforementioned consequences do not occur.

Gamers are better multitaskers

Gamers also struggle with stereotypes. Video games make you stupid, you've heard that out of the mouth. But is that really true? The video gamers from Rapperswil-Jona agree: video games do not make you stupid under any circumstances. However, many believe that gaming influences trading. That you react differently in certain situations in everyday life.

But what players also know is that gaming can also bring benefits. Video games can improve reaction, concentration, and motor skills.

As the website writes, visual skills and spatial awareness can also be improved.

So if there is a physical balance in addition to video games and played in bulk, video games are a hobby like any other. A hobby that also has positive effects. Many parents fear that gaming will make their children more aggressive and less focused - and that their social standing will noticeably deteriorate as a result.

But there are studies that at least partially dispel these criticisms. Studies have shown that games such as the “portal series”, Minecraft and even first-person shooters promote spatial awareness and multitasking skills. Gamers are often more attentive and can switch back and forth between tasks more quickly.

In the case of players who gambled for at least five hours per week, a lower number of active brain regions could be determined when solving different tasks than in non-players.

This means that a gamer has to make less effort in solving the task.

However, one should be careful. The games and films that specifically try to promote math or language do exactly the opposite or nothing at all.

Because the parents communicate and occupy themselves less with the children because they rely on the learning programs.

In many games, the player has to make moral and ethical decisions, which can then have different effects on the entire course of the game.

You are also often confronted with issues that make you think about racism, social criticism and much more.

Parents - play with your children

In the future, more and more people will use games, as they are often used for training purposes in professional life, for example in surgery and in the military.

Parents can try to understand their children's enthusiasm. The gamers recommend: It doesn't hurt to sit down next to your child on the sofa and watch them play or even try it out yourself. Try to understand why this kind of activity appeals to your child.

When it comes to games, you have to know one thing: you can hardly rate a game after a quarter of an hour. The player should first get to a part of the game that he thinks is spectacular, so that you don't have to apologize to the parents: "Today I played a stupid part, it's usually much better".