Are Pokemon slaves to their trainers

VM slaves

A VM slave is nothing more than a Pokémon whose purpose is to learn as many VM attacks as possible. To do this, you need a Pokémon that can learn most of the VM attacks if possible. Likewise, it should be easy to catch and not be uncommon (otherwise Mew would be most suitable), and appear early in the game.

Below you will find the Pokémon that are suitable as VM slaves in the games. In the sixth generation, most VM attacks are so strong that you can teach them to ordinary Pokémon.

black and white

There are six different VMs in Pokémon Black and White: Slicer, Flying, Surfer, Strength, Cascade, and Diver. As in the other games, Surfer and Kaskade are already strong enough that you can teach them to ordinary Pokémon.

Diamond, pearl, platinum, heart gold, soul silver

There are eight different VMs in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum: Slicer, Flies, Surfer, Strength, Loosen Up, Smashers, Cascade and Kraxler. You definitely have to teach a flying Pokémon to fly. Surfer and Cascade are strong enough that you don't need a VM slave for them.

The best choice is clearly bidifas. The preliminary stage is very early in the game and it can learn a lot. We suggest it for slicers, starches, smashers and scrapers.

One more note: The starting Pokémon (or the development Impoleon) is perhaps too good for VMs - because with good attacks it helps you a lot more in the course of the game. However, since it can be re-bred (also recommended because of the effort values), its suitability as a VM slave should not be completely ignored.

If you want to change your mind later when choosing the VMs of your VM slave, you have to visit the attack loser. This is located in Fleetburg and is the only way to unlearn a VM again.

Ruby, sapphire, fire red, leaf green and emerald

There were also eight VMs in these five editions of the Advance generation, albeit not the same as in Diamant and Perl: Slicer, Flies, Surfer, Strength, Blitz, Smashers, Cascade and Diver. However, Kaskade is not recommended in these editions.

Unfortunately, no Pokémon is really ideal. We recommend a combination of Entoron (localities of Enton) and Geradaks or a combination of Tropius and Azumarill. Geradaks should be part of the team anyway because of their ingenious characteristics ...

Older editions

In gold, silver and crystal there were cutters, flies, surfers, strength, lightning, whirlpool and cascade. There was no cascade or whirlpool in red, blue and yellow, but the Pokémon otherwise learn the same VMs.

* Dragoran can only learn to fly in gold, silver and crystal.