Why do some people dislike anonymity

Study finds: Anonymous users comment less aggressively

@Philip Engstrand ... it is always problematic, the selection ...
You have to look for a forum in which a close reality can be achieved ... if I take a radical forum, then our domestic politicians will be happy, as they will then see themselves confirmed and assume that the majority of the population could do what behind their opinion has been confirmed by almost every election in the past ...
This is also underlined by the schizophrenia of our politicians, because ... in the forums that our politicians like, that is, which are extreme and only with the disproportionate display of extremism, one can practically "prove" to ordinary people that they are being threatened by them!
An example from police statistics ...
Officials: 400
Assaults on officials per quarter, including resistance to arrest: 10
Percentage of attacks: 2.5%
Through consolidation and downsizing ...
Officials: 280
Assaults on officials per quarter, including resistance to arrest: 10
Percentage of attacks: 3.57%

... increases the number of attacks on police officers by 1.07% in the quarter!
Our politicians and the police, chief muftis of the trade unions, let loose such numbers on the citizens ... in order to effectively represent the increased threat situation!
But what is wrong with this statistic or is it deliberately not included or deliberately concealed?
Well, the number of attacks has not increased, they stayed the same ... but the proportion of civil servants has decreased here!
Our politicians keep silent about the forced downsizing!
... thus the percentage ratio changes in favor of the favored political polemics!

It is no different here with these statistics ... the tested forum represents a relatively neutral distribution of anonymous and non-anonymous users ... furthermore, the distribution of ordinary people and extremists was apparently very close to real live!
So this study is a threat to politicians that needs to be eliminated by political means!
Political means:
- defamation
- discrediting
- Counter-study exclusively with extremist forums