What does Huawei want with Verizon

Conflict with USA: Huawei wants Verizon $ 1 billion for patents

It was foreseeable that the sanctions imposed by the US government against Huawei could also have consequences for US companies beyond the frozen cooperations and deliveries to Huawei: Huawei is now demanding more than one billion US dollars from the US wireless provider Verizon for the use of Patents.

This reports that Wall Street Journal citing an insider. With the claim against Verizon, Huawei is said to be referring to around 200 patents that the US wireless operator is currently using and that can be assigned to Huawei.

Other US cellular operators also affected?

A spokesman for Verizon did not want to go into the matter directly to Reuters and therefore did not want to confirm it, but said that the matter was not just about Verizon, and "Given the geopolitical context, anything that affects Huawei has an industry impact and is a cause of national and international concern.“It is not yet known whether the other US wireless service providers T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint have received corresponding demands from Huawei for the use of patents. So far, none of the companies has been prepared to comment.

Payment request dates back to February

The request for payment to Verizon is not new, but was sent from Huawei to Verizon in February. It is well before US President Trump declared a national emergency in telecommunications and added Huawei to the black list of companies with which US companies are only allowed to work after approval by the US government.

Huawei sells fewer smartphones in Germany

Reports that sales of Huawei smartphones in Germany have slumped from a market share of 26 percent to just 6 percent as a result of the US sanctions should not be true, however. How strong the decline will actually be is not yet known.

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