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  • Light guide

    Light guides or light guide cables are special cables made of transparent, optically relatively dense materials that transmit light using total reflection. The best known form of light guides are Fiber optic cable.


  • Total reflection

    If light changes from an optically dense into an optically thin substance, the angle of refraction is greater than the angle of incidence. At a refraction angle of 90 °, the light no longer reaches the second substance; it runs along the interface.

    From the content:

    [...] (Fiber optic cable, Fiber optic cables) for the transmission of messages and for prisms (erecting prisms, deflecting prisms). More detailed information [...]


  • From window glass to bulletproof glass: glass - how is it made?

    03/14/2018 - No matter if in the glasses, in the window, in the car or in the gossamer Fiber optic cable: We often only notice how many things in our life are made of glass when the glass breaks. How is glass actually made? A knowledge article on how to make glass - explained in simple terms for children.


  • In the Sauerland, a photographer is doing a special experiment

    December 16, 2020 - In the Sauerland, the mounted messenger is faster than the data cable of the Internet. That has now resulted in a fun competition.

    From the content:

    [...] were still not uploaded. In many villages are Fiber optic cable not yet connected for fast internet. Desire for fast internet In many villages there are [...]


  • Africa digital

    02/20/2008 - Cleanliness is the key. If you are caught with a plastic bag in the capital, with a little bad luck you have to pay the equivalent of more than a hundred euros fine. The government has banned them for environmental reasons. You won't find any garbage, street vendors or beggars that dominate the image of so many African cities.

    From the content:

    [...] The Internet should now accelerate this development. With a tremendous effort, all parts of the country were using Fiber optic cables to the worldwide network [...]

    http://www.planet-schule.de/wissenspool/afrika-digital/inhalt/ Background.html

  • New cables for faster internet

    03/26/2018 - In some parts of Germany you still need a lot of patience when surfing the Internet. That should change now.

    From the content:

    [...] A major expansion project has started in the district of Vorpommern-Rügen. New cables are laid, so-called Fiber optic cable. For several years [...]


  • Exploring the depth

    07/07/2015 - So far, humans have only explored one percent of the deep sea. It's not just about eerie creatures - devastating tsunamis can also occur in the deep sea, and methane hydrate stored on the sea floor can pose a serious threat to the world's climate. Reason enough to find out more about what goes on in the deep sea.

    From the content:

    [...] Connected via Fiber optic cable explore the strange world of the deep sea, remote-controlled by the scientists in the mother ship. The advantages: unmanned robots [...]


  • Deep sea sponges

    07/07/2015 - They are known as bathing utensils and comic heroes - but that is by no means all there is to report about sponges. The primeval animals are at home in all seas and have been for hundreds of millions of years. It is not for nothing that they have proven themselves for so long: ingenious ways of building and eating, defense mechanisms and symbioses with other organisms - sponges are true survivors.

    From the content:

    [...] their structure from layers of lamellas is less susceptible to cracks than artificially produced ones Fiber optic cable. [...]


  • What is broadband?

    08/19/2014 - Have you been upset about the fact that your mobile phone videos are being sent far too slowly? That has to do with the subject of broadband

    From the content:

    [...] glowing red Fiber optic cable for faster internet (Image: dpa) Someone has a funny [...]


  • It doesn't always have to be a nurse ...

    04/25/2013 - What do you do as a chimney sweep or technician? Girls and boys tried it on Thursday. They stopped by companies. There they could be shown how to work in some professions. This day is called Girls 'Day and Boys' Day. It is also available in other countries. The day is there to interest pupils from the fifth grade onwards in certain professions: girls for men’s professions, boys for women’s professions.

    From the content:

    [...] communications technology does so. It's about how data is transferred Fiber optic cable be transmitted. Other students saw what it takes to be a primary school teacher [...]


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