What is the government doing anyway

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Informing the public

One of the tasks of the federal government is to inform the public honestly about important events and not to spread any false information. This also applies to the time of the corona pandemic. That is why politicians keep explaining the government's decisions. Scientists inform both the government and the public. They try to explain complicated relationships in an understandable way and also to make it clear where science still has gaps in knowledge. The public is involved in this exchange of information. Journalists accompany the event. In newspapers, on the Internet, on social media and television programs, they discuss their assessments and positions with politicians and scientists. Different opinions are also discussed.

Special feature of the corona crisis

A special feature of the corona pandemic from the start was that many connections were not clear and unambiguous. The virus was new and no one could answer many questions with absolute certainty. answer. For example, nobody can say how long the crisis will last, when drugs or vaccines will be available. The government made it clear from the start when it too had unanswered questions. Such an information policy is called "transparent". Behind this is the government's conviction that only with prudence and transparency can it maintain the willingness of the people to follow difficult instructions.

Don't believe everything you read

Fake news and rumors are spread over and over again about the coronavirus and its consequences, especially on social media. Many conspiracy theories have sprung up around the virus. In order to be able to differentiate between correct and false reports, it is important to always take a close look at where the information comes from and who is distributing it. It is also helpful to use your own mind and ask yourself whether these alleged facts can even be true. Because a lot of nonsense is written about the coronavirus, you should consider carefully whether you forward everything you find about it.