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March 12, 2008 - Singener Wochenblatt



By Hans Paul Lichtwald

The demand for more youth meeting places

is still in Singen

Room. But the existing facilities

have their homework now

made evident. City youth worker

Martin Burmeister sees

a constant change in the youth.

G8 and all-day school become

Consequences for youth work in general

to have. It's not just about them

Times in the course of the day, but also around

questions about the contents.

That the school social work in Singen

under the umbrella of youth care

runs is obviously well chosen. That is

a give and take between

School and youth care. That come

the youngsters in difficult

Situations Benefit. The networking

naturally also depends on people. So

is Maritta Schruns, the school social worker

at the Beethoven School, at the same time

Parents' adviser at the Hegau-Gymnasium.

Much is in the living space

Move. In youth social work

it's about knowledge. On the Kelly Islands

can all meet again.

So the Easter promotion is on

have a nice next Tuesday

Signs of hope.


"Open House" is on Saturday

from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Hegau senior family

at Freiburger Strasse 1

in singing.

The BeTreff der Lebenshilfe and Pro Familia

offer on Monday, April 30th, for the first time

from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. a dance in

May under the roof of the "matter of the heart"


The Newropeans start today at 19

Clock in the "Gems" their reconnaissance round

with a view to the next European elections,

the 2009 probably at the same time

with the local election

will be held.

The look to France is in these

Days are important, because there they have

Local elections mixed up a lot,

and the runoff elections

in ten days there will be many heads

Head race between right and

Bring links. Not so in the Rielasinger

Sister town of Nogent-sur-Seine. There

Mayor Gerard Ancelin already has

won again. He has been since 1989

Mayor and promotes partnership.

SINGING communally

12.March2008 To sing

Week 11 edition 30 492


180 visitors came to the last night Singers

Stadthalle to Ursula Caberta over

To hear Scientology. They experienced a combative

Adviser to cult victims in

Germany. Dr. Lothar Stets and Mayor

Bernd Häusler was pleased with the response

the joint event by vhs

and city of singing. Both want hot irons

to work harder in the future. -li-

Kelly Islands Vacation Trail

Reactions to social change in the youth facilities

Singing (left). The Singers Youth facilities

have the discussions of the last

Autumn taken very seriously and you

Sharpened profile. That was in this week

a background talk with the city youth worker

Martin Burmeister and his

Employees clearly. Teenagers who on

their younger siblings have to watch out

are they allowed to go to the Blue House, for example

bring. They're five-year-olds

suddenly one of the group's favorites

of the elderly. Frank Dei has with it

good experience. And for him

the age limit of 18 is not a dogma. Much more

he formulates an educational concept.

It's about building trust

what better in younger years

succeed. Such a visitor comes later

with over 18 years of age in the house and looking for

Help, he'll get it, says Dei.

Martin Burmeister does with the ladders

the facilities clearly what they are not

want: No second living room for them

Be youngsters. Here it is Dei again

which was found in his youth culture house

that older teenagers mostly in

Cliques come, which leads to a

pedagogically meaningful address is not

more is possible.

Cooperation with school social work is important,

those in city youth care

and settled with crime prevention

is. A fruit of it will be on

Tuesday 18th March, the first Kelly Island

Internet: www.wochenblatt.net • E-Mail: [email protected] I [email protected] I [email protected]

Rielasingen-Worblingen (left). The population interest

was on Monday evening

at the technical committee of the municipal council

bigger than ever: it worked once

more about traffic calming in the

Districts. A quarter ago declined

the council decided to buy a radar measurement system

from. Now he stood on Monday evening

in the debate again on the same

Point: instead of a roll backwards

the municipal councils now rely on so-called

Crossing aids. There is a small one

Island and a traffic light circuit for the

Pedestrian. This should be attached

coming from customs right at the Rielasin-

You are responsible for youth care in Singen: Dieter Zühlke (from left),

Frank Dei, Martin Lenhart-Höß, Maritta Schruns and Martin Burmeister.

swb picture: left

Parcours in the north of the city with start and

The goal (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) is to be in JuNo. 20 islands

get to know a kind of scavenger hunt.

120 registrations from students

the first to sixth grades

in front. Martin Burmeister senses that the need for security

with parents increases.

Parents are less willing to cooperate

because it is about addiction prevention

the fifth grade. Some want to

Family simply does not have any insight into the

dealing with alcohol in the household

grant. The youth institutions have recognized

that something also during the holidays

has to run. The first programs to do this are

to be recognized over the Easter holidays. The ladder

point out that the youth centers

Are facilities in which the

stop young people in a self-determined manner

can. There are specific offers for

Children from 6 years, especially for girls.

Tip: just stop by.

»Crossing aid« as a remedy

Ramsener Straße is to be calmed down like the Worblingen through-traffic

ger entrance and in Worblingen in town.

That was decided by the committee members

unanimously, but that did not mean

that admonishing words direction

Local bypass to the political competitors

were distributed.

Everyone agreed that the police were after

the construction of the crossing aid (around 60,000

Euros with land purchase) increased radar controls

should perform. To yourself

gaining more data is also supposed to be one

second smilie can be purchased.

The municipal councils have distanced themselves

from renting mobile ones on a daily basis

Measuring device. The software to make the

I would still be able to read CDs

more expensive than the device itself, it is feared.

Above all, there were concerns about the refinancing:

As the through-roads

largely state roads are collected

here the circle at the end!

How far the road is sped here

stayed open on Monday evening. With earlier

Counts were about ten to 15 percent

over the limit. The church therefore wants

collect more data. In Rielasingen

as in Worblingen, the through-roads should be

by the blue marking of

Parking definitely slowed down


There will soon be a crossing aid here. The municipal council decided on Monday evening. Parking spaces are also available

are drawn. swb picture: left

82,300 copies

Nominal charge 1.20 €


In a historic site on the Hohentwiel

deals with CDU parliamentary group leader

Stefan Mappus with the Social Democrats

Page 11

Singen location in danger: Despite high

Nycomed wants substantial profits

Relocated parts to India because of it

is cheaper there. page 12

The local handball derby ends with tumult

between the DJK singing

and the TV Ehingen. page 8

The G8 leaves many parents for refuge

take the secondary schools. But there

there are a lot of obstacles.

Page 9

Silvia wants to help Pro Humanitate. you

has a heart condition and lives in Romania.

Only donors can have an operation

make it possible in Munich.

Page 15

39 "Criminals" come to visit

after singing. However, they are writers.

More on page 17


Phone +49 77 31/88 00-0 Fax 88 00-36





Industriestrasse 14

78256 Steißlingen

Tel. 0 77 38 - 50 90


Singing (swb). At the last

Association league competition

of the Baden Gymnastics League

the TG Hegau-Bodensee II

the team of the TG Hanauerland

to guest. For the

The home team was all about themselves

a good win if you win

Starting point for the weekend

taking place finals

to accomplish. So succeeded on

Soil concentrated through

Exercises presented by the

first device gain, for what

the ratings are decisive

by Dominik Grandl with

13.05 points and Christian

Dehm with the highest mark of the day

of thanks to two ratings

of 13.10 points for

flawless jumps from Viktor

Weissenberger and Tim Leitenmair

was also the victory on

Jump perfect.

On the last two devices

ten, parallel bars and horizontal bars, could

the numerous spectators

convince of,

that the team of

TG Hegau-Bodensee II im

Competition and about the


Turner for the final

well armed in singing

Indoor swimming pool in

the Easter holidays

Singing (swb). The indoor swimming pool

did as follows over the holidays

open: Monday, 17.

March, closed; Tuesday,

18. March, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (hot bathing day);

Wednesday 19th March,

9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday 20

March, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Good Friday,

21. March, closed;

Saturday 22nd March, 8 to 17

Clock; Easter Sunday, 23. March,

closed; Easter Monday, 24.

March, closed; Tuesday,

25. March, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (hot bathing day);

Wednesday 26th March,

9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday 27.

March, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday,

28. March, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Travel for

People over 60

Singing (swb). This year

the Caritas Association offers one

Travel to the Tannheimer Tal for

People aged 60 and over.

From May 25th to June 6th

at the Hotel Ritter in Tannheim

provided. Included in the price

are full board, excursions,

International insurance,

Transfer from Singen to

Tannheim and back and the

Supervision by two tour guides,

of which a tour guide

medical and nursing

Has knowledge. further information

with Mr. Seifert,

Telephone 07731 / 9561-14,

Caritas Association Singing.

Service calendar


Police post: 07738/97014

Assault, accident: 110

Municipal administration: 92930

Police post: 07731/8880 Water master: 245

Ambulance transport: 19222 Power supply: 929318

Medical emergency service:


(Only in emergencies: 0170/2307061)

Fire department: 112

Telephone counseling: 08 00/11 10 111

08 00/11 10 222


Gas and electrical works: 07731 / 5900-426

Thursday, March 13th: Scheffel Pharmacy,

Alemannenstrasse 5, Radolfzell

Animal Welfare Association:

Animal rescue:

(Animal ambulance)




Fri., March 14th: Ring Pharmacy,

Ekkehardstr. 59c, singing

Women's shelter emergency number: 07731/31244

Saturday, March 15th: See-Apotheke

Gaienhofen, Hauptstr. 223,

Operations management village helpers: Gaienhofen, and city pharmacy

Jutta Gold 07731/795504 Engen, Vorstadt 8, Engen

continuously throughout the season

has increased. Therefore

was victory in the end

Highly deserved with 286.80: 239.00

and arouses hope

for a good performance

at the final on 15. March in

the Singers Münchriedhalle.

The gymnast Sam Bürsner,

Christian Dehm, Dominik

Grandl, Marcel Kandler, Philipp

Leitenmair, Viktor Weissenberger

and Tim Leitenmair

with their coach Axel

Leitenmair and Klaus Kandler

would be happy if

as many gymnastics enthusiasts as possible

the way into the hall

find them to fight

around the medals vigorously


»Learn to live

learn to die "

Singing (swb). On Monday,

April 14 takes place at 7.30 p.m.

a lecture on the subject of »Life

learn to die «in

the town hall Singen, smaller

Hall instead. The lecture is a

Counselor in understanding the inner world

of the dying. He

doesn’t just speak of that

Human dignity, rather

does this in examples

and atmospheres can be viewed.

Speaker that evening

is Dr. phil. Monika Renz,

Music and psychotherapist,

Head of Psycho-Oncology

Cantonal Hospital.


Minced meat, lean

Mixed beef / pork 100 g 0.60

Veal, shredded

without skin and tendons 100 g 1.48

Pork chop

lean - mixed 100 g 0.60

Peeling ribs, fresh

smoked 100 g 0.40

Schäufele, boneless, smoked, juicy 100 g 0.70

Press head, the good Vesper 100 g 0.90

Krakauer, in the ring or

Pressed sausages 100 g 0.75

Farmer's sausage, raw - brewed

Cheese cracker 100 g 0.90

Palatinate liver sausage, in a ring

with marjoram 100 g 0.75


with pistachios 100 g 1.00

✎ Sausage of the week: Bergkraxler - raw Polish, hearty in taste 100 g 1.00


Redfish fillet



100 g 1.75

Bühlertal village cheese

50% fat i. Tr. 100 g 1.69



... cashless


Scheffelstrasse 23 · Singing

Sunday, March 16: Residenz-Apotheke,

Schützenstrasse 9, Radolfzell

Mon., March 17th: Hilzinger Marien-

Pharmacy, Hauptstr. 61,


Tuesday, March 18: Paracelsus Pharmacy,

Kreuzensteinstrasse 7, singing

Wed., 19.3 .: New city pharmacy,

Sankt-Johannis-Str. 1, Radolfzell

Veterinary emergency service


Dr. Damaske, Duchtlinger Str. 7,

Sing, 07731/947213

Copy deadline

For Weekly paper-Service

every Friday at 12 noon

with note - service -

Fax: 07731/880036

Indoor races with

Touring car

Gottmadingen (swb). Of

1991 to 1995 was the German Touring Car Championship

on the Alemanni

Ring in Singen as a guest. who

at the most successful at the time

Racing series interest again

has, can on 15. and 16.

March in the Gottmadinger Eichendorffhalle


wake up. Because there is a

international indoor race

of touring car vehicles

instead of. The RC sports fans

Sing invite to one


A race weekend that takes place on

Saturday at eight o'clock with the

Training starts and sunday

at 6 p.m. with the award ceremony

should end.

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 5 - 9 78239 Rielasingen

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Wellness IV

See. (H). Trip VI - VII

Good news 18

Real estate market 19 - 21

Job market 25 - 27

Car market 30 - 31

Blood donor

are searched

Singing (swb). According to experience


Blood requirement in the first few weeks

of the new year

by leaps and bounds. At the next

Blood donation date asks that

DRK therefore urgently to

Donating blood: on Thursday,

20. March, from 2pm to 7.30pm

Clock in the Schlossberghalle

Friedingen. So that the blood donation

is well tolerated

before blood collection

a medical examination.

The actual blood donation

only takes a few minutes.

With registration, examination

and then

The donors should have a snack

Plan a good hour of your time.

ice cream parlor

Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 20

Singing Tel. 07731/64875

Season opening! Opening! Café Milano and team

are back immediately

there for her!

Straight into the



distribute for you

any available quantity

from flyers or brochures

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and beyond

possibly also nationwide.



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The medium with

the many good sides

Country inn


Gourmet &

Party service

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of the week

Pork neck goulash

100 g for 50 cents.

We also deliver

gladly your wishes

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Home with schills

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German GVG ® Gold Verwertungs-Gesellschaft

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Opportunity for a “very private World Savings Day”.

The next one takes place in Singen

Action from 17th to 19th March instead of.

Singing - additional costs, price increase, VAT increase:

More and more German citizens

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Page 2

At Easter

Fresh lamb, kid, rabbit,

Gourmet fillet, stuffed veal breast

Offer from 06.03. - 12.03.2008

Roast beef wrapped in bacon 100 g € 0.85

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Bonus card? Bonus card? Bonus card?


Old Post Office Hilzingen

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Friday, March 14th2008, 5 p.m.

Do you want to eat and drink well and comfortably,

Then you are right with us,

and above all affordable prices and cheap

Overnight stays.

Just have a look.

- Closed on Wednesdays -

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Singing (kl). The Singers Hegau

High school also hosted in

this year again a day of

open door. On the past

The school reopened on Friday

their gates to interested parents

and budding sextans

Insight into everyday school life at

To grant high school. principal

Andreas Uhlig promised

Beginning that the Hegau-Gymnasium,

the greatest diversity in the entire

Region offers.

The school is taking this year

on a self-evaluation project

part, aiming at their competencies

long-term and sustainable

promote. This is what the

School management will continue to be theirs in future

good reputation for extensive and

to defend multifaceted learning.

Explained in his presentation

Uhlig that, since the introduction of the

eight-year high school (G8),


Wed., 12.March2008

Charlotte Dahn will celebrate her 95th birthday in Singen tomorrow.

The picture, which is very current, shows how vital

the mother of four is who has three grandchildren

and five great-grandchildren. Your husband Heinz

Dahn is known to many as Singers Realschulrektor in memory.

Humor and friendliness shape their personality

even in old age. She likes to be around the world

traveled and still does everything myself today!

Good reputation consolidated

Hegau-Gymnasium organized an open day

again changed school system. So

is English as a first foreign language

for all students

mandatory. The headmaster reasoned

this by pointing out,

that English is the language

which everyone has to master

for success in later professional life

to have.

From the sixth grade comes

then optionally French in

normal or bilingual train

and, as another option, Latin

added. In eighth grade

will the students and

These young sorcerers' apprentices are committed to the experiment

"Open house" at the Hegau-Gymnasium. swb image: kl

Info evening at

Burning tunes 21

Gottmadingen (swb). After a

successful Mardi Gras 2008

would like the Guggenmusik Burning Tunes

21 from Gottmadingen

start again properly. Out

for this reason there is an information evening

for members and interested parties

on Friday 14. March,

from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturday,

15. March, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

each in the canteen in Gottmadingen

instead of. More information at

Telephone 07731/184448.

flea market

around the child

Singing (swb). The kindergarten

St. Francis organizes on

Saturday 15th March, from 14 to 16

Clock in the Liebfrauen parish hall

in singing a flea market with

Toys, children's clothing, baby equipment

and much more

around the child. The families are selling

their articles themselves. From

Parents' council will be coffee and

Cakes and drinks offered.

Students then between the scientific

Profile or one

further decide language.

This is where the Hegau high school offers

in addition to French and Latin,

unless these subjects already

should be covered, too

Spanish on. From the coming one

School year is still additional

Cooperation works

In the year 2008 staircase concert again

Singing (swb). At the 148th annual general meeting

of the men's choir

Singing came in 1859

by the President Dieter Rein

and the first chairman Manfred

Wiebach praising those in the third

Year existing choir community

with the male choir Konkordia

to language. It became common

successfully made music and the

Friendships among the singers

have deepened. In retrospect

was the successful performance

"The Seasons" by Haydn, on the occasion

of the 100th anniversary

of the male choir Konkordia, as

Mentioned climax. In the social

Area is the two day,

joint singing excursion in

the Palatinate is fondly remembered.

Choir director Siegfried Schmidgall revealed

his thoughts on the

Staircase concert, this time in

the new town hall, with musical

Entertainment from the field

World successes, evergreens and

Film music. That promises a

relaxed and happy matinee. Also

are already preparing

Music to choose from.

In the course of the school year

2006/2007 existing partnership

with the Chinese Datong

High school in Shanghai

the possibility from the 10th grade,

as another language, Chinese

to learn.

At the beginning of the coming school year

would like the school management, with

the completion of the extension

switch to all-day operation.

Got a full floor

one in the five million expensive

Project for full day operation

designed. The students and

Students would then be by 7.55am

Comprehensive care until 3 p.m.

become. With alternative leisure programs

like for example

Cooking classes, pottery, keyboard classes

or web design

one of the following generations of students

the school day more pleasant

and make it more diverse. It

however, remains a decision

of parents and their

Children whether this offer for

want to use themselves personally,

emphasized Uhlig in his remarks.

In addition to the extensive and successful

Presentations in the

different subject areas

the visitors also had the opportunity

the individual AGs of