What are good handicrafts for children

Crafting with kids: 36 easy and fun DIY ideas

Handicrafts with children is fun and I love to design and realize new DIY ideas with small creative minds. Because most of the time, the best ideas come to mind when you make them. When even simple scraps of material, empty cardboard boxes and everyday items from the household turn into colorful, crazy creations for decoration or DIY games, I can only be amazed every time. I love it!

But sometimes we don't have the right handicraft ideas to conjure up creative masterpieces from the materials in the handicraft fund. That's why today I have gathered all of my favorite ideas for handicrafts with children for us and you.

So if you're looking for fun DIY ideas to do with your kids, you've come to the right place. Whether for handicrafts with paper, handicrafts for children's birthday parties, or DIY games for the children's room - here you will find great tips and tricks for handicrafts with children in every season!

So unpack your handicraft fund and simply choose the things and DIY ideas that you would like to tinker with children next or that fit the theme of the next children's party!

There are tons of ideas, so here's a quick overview to make it easier for you to find your way around:

  1. Crafting with paper (1-7)
  2. Celebrate children's birthday (8-20)
  3. DIY ideas for the nursery (21-28)
  4. Making games (29-36)

Here we go!

Paper crafting

With paper you can realize a lot of DIY ideas and easily tinker with children. You can probably find different types of paper and cardboard in the handicraft fund and in the household.

I often just watch with fascination as my kids conjure up the most creative works from these colorful materials. It is diligently cut, folded, glued and hung and we are already admiring new decorations, DIY games or crazy fantasy helmets made from paper carrier bags.

Here are my favorite ideas for handicrafts with children from paper, cardboard and cardboard - have fun!

1: Colorful fish friends from toilet rolls

You can make these colorful fish friends super easy on an afternoon of handicrafts together with your children. We already have a whole family of fish at home and the number is growing!

Such simple and cute craft ideas for kids are just awesome, aren't they? The many toilet paper rolls lying around at home can be quickly turned into something funny!

2: jumping jacks

The jumping jacks from my book Tinkering with the mouse look wonderful on the nursery wall and are also a great DIY gift for true superhero friends. In DIY you will find detailed instructions where I tell you how you can easily make them with children with the help of a download template.

3: vendor's tray

At the moment it is Disney + and Corona to blame that we love to play couch potato. So how good that this DIY vendor's tray can be tinkered quickly yourself! It just fits perfectly at this time and makes for delicious snacks while watching a movie.

In any case, I can already see my three little popcorn heroes with a vendor's tray in front of me - extra pocket money works particularly well when you are so sweet as sugar. Have fun at the movie night!

4: Make a money box

Making a colorful money box yourself is very easy and when my kids started their pocket money age at the age of about 4, I designed a funny money box with them. Spending money is nice, but collecting for a bigger wish is even more fun.

You can find the right materials and step-by-step handicraft instructions in DIY. If you want it to be even faster and easier, you can also find the DIY money box as an all-round carefree handicraft set directly in the WLKMNDYS shop.

Which day is pocket money day for you? Off to the toad eater with it!

5: paper flowers

Pretty, colorful paper flowers are the perfect DIY idea for Mother's Day, Easter, as a gift or souvenir in spring and summer. Some time ago I came across a wonderful book that explains various techniques of making paper flowers with great photos and instructions.

In DIY you will find simple handicraft instructions for small and large flower lovers, which you can quickly adapt and transform with a lot of imagination so that your flowers fit perfectly with every occasion.

6: Fantastic fantasy creatures

Whether for the carnival party or for a children's birthday party, the fantastic fantasy creatures are an oldie but goldie from my handicraft box. You can quickly tinker the wild heads out of paper carrier bags with children - and all small and large craft fans with all their creativity are in demand when decorating.

My tip: just get started! The funniest, most colorful imaginary heads are created while making. And there is always new material from your own household and handicraft fund discovered that can be used wonderfully.

7: Googly eyes friends

With the goofy eyes friends, the eyes seem to float in the eye sockets and they turn in circles as if by magic through the smallest air movements. The colorful faces are also super quick to make - you will find a downloadable PDF template directly in the post, which you can print out immediately.

I am curious to see which fantasy faces your children will design!

Here you can find more beautiful DIYs for handicrafts with paper:

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Celebrate children's birthday

Developing and implementing funny craft ideas for children's birthdays is just fun, isn't it?

Even the colorful invitations make the eyes of little guests shine and the joy really starts at the party. Then pretty, colorful decorations are made and the apartment or house is quickly transformed into a colorful dream world with garlands made of balloons, table decorations made of everyday household materials and many other DIY ideas that ensure entertainment and a good mood.

So if you're looking for handicraft ideas for a children's party that are quick but still have a wow factor, you've come to the right place!

8: Make invitations for a children's birthday party

Creative invitations for a children's birthday party can be so easy - you can create these funny invitations for all guests in 60 minutes on an afternoon of handicrafts with your kids. The trick is a simple paper folding technique, which I will show you in the article in the step-by-step instructions.

I am sure that your kids will be excited very quickly when decorating and that they will be unstoppable. But neither are the big craft fans!

9: Funniest birthday invitations for kids

The idea for the funniest birthday invitations for children with the photo face of the birthday child is just great and the look can be used wonderfully for girls and boys. You probably already have most of the material in the handicraft fund and in the step-by-step instructions I show my super tips and my favorite accessories, which make handicrafts even more fun.

Incidentally, these invitations are also available in a galactic space version - simply perfect for little astronauts who want rocket invitations to their birthday parties.

10: Flower Pops invitations for children's birthday parties

If the next children's birthday party takes place in summer, the Flower Pops invitations are simply the perfect DIY idea for handicrafts with children. The invitations are easily conjured up with the help of children's hands and are a big eye-catcher for little eyes!

11: Party heads

A children's party is just more fun when the small and large guests wear a party hat, right? The colorful party heads are just perfect for this! You will certainly find many of the materials in your handicraft fund and when decorating, each guest can create a very personal party head.

12: Children's party with oha and UHU

Handicrafts with children are particularly fun when it comes to simple and quick ideas for a children's party that can be conjured up from everyday materials from your own household. These pretty table decorations were inspired by a visit to the office supply, because there are shelves full of material that can be wonderfully given a new, creative role.

The DIY ideas for a colorful coffee table from this post aren't just perfect for a children's birthday party. You can make them wonderfully quickly with your kids and use them for every happy occasion. How about a fun party for school enrollment in autumn?

13: Flower Pops party table

It continues with the brightly colored Flower Pops Party with table decorations for the next children's birthday party! Once the Flower Pops invitations have been distributed, preparations can begin at home.

In DIY, I'll show you my best ideas for a summer children's party with a colorful DIY tablecloth, funny plates and drinking cups for the party table, a garland of modeling balloons and cake toppers made of small water bombs that give every birthday cake a great wow factor.

14: Party Etagere

What would a children's party be without a fun party étagère for all those sweet things like donuts and marshmallows?

This DIY étagère was created for the Flower Pops party table and the idea is not only suitable for children's birthdays, but also wonderfully at the turn of the year. With a few adjustments and a few cuts, you can even turn it into a fabulous star-tipped Christmas tree - perfect for stacking with Christmas cookies!

15: Tutti Frutti cocktail umbrellas

When I think of a children's birthday party in summer, I can't think of anything nicer, more summery than the Tutti Frutti cocktail umbrellas, which you can easily fold and put together from paper, glue dots and with a little patience.

They can also provide a creative break during a children's party. The kids usually have the greatest creative ideas and can come up with their own fruits. We already had watemelon, lemon, orange and kiwi. But do you dare to try dragon fruit, passion fruit or your own fantasy fruits? I am looking forward to your ideas!

16: Tinker table decorations: Pirate of the Caribbean

The pirate of the Caribbean looks wonderful on every pirate children's birthday party or on the school enrollment coffee table if you happen to have a small blank school cone to hand. This makes it even faster with this table decoration for the next children's party!

17: balloon dolls

The funny balloon dolls are an easypeasy DIY idea for cake toppers for the next children's party. Perhaps the summer is just taking a break and planned depth charges will fall into the water? Take the little colorful balloons, leave out the water and make something out of them that will put you in at least as good a mood!

And if the children's party is still a long time coming, my balloon puppets are also wonderful puppet theater characters, a delightful “instead of flowers” ​​gift and they can be easily transformed into other roles. Spontaneously I think of the bride and groom for the next wedding cake, or very special invitations for a children's birthday party.

What ideas do you have? I am curious what you will do with it!

18: Make a balloon garland

I made this funny balloon garland from balloon pretzels from modeling balloons. The look is very unusual and not difficult to make yourself. In DIY I will show you step by step which insider tips and tricks you can use to make this very special decoration for the next children's birthday party!

19: Paper party garland

You can easily make this DIY party garland for the next party with children, because it is cut out of paper, folded and glued in a snap. It's even faster with my favorite tool, the circle cutter. The kids have a lot of fun cutting out with this secret weapon for all creative minds and the birthday child can of course choose the colors for the paper.

20: The car race for the children's party

Of course, funny games shouldn't be missing on a children's birthday party, right? The car race is one of my top ideas for the next children's party, because the handicraft set contains exactly the right materials in the right quantities, so that there are no leftovers at the end.

In the end, organizing children's parties is usually enough of an effort and gathering materials can be tedious and expensive. This fun car racing game makes it crazy easy!

The handicraft set is put together for 6 little guests and everyone can decorate their car creatively with the colorful materials. And if you are expecting more guests, you can of course easily add additional cars!

Even more DIY ideas for the next children's birthday party:

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DIY ideas for the nursery

With a little effort and patience, beautiful masterpieces for the nursery with children can be tinkered easily. Whether an upcycling utensil made from milk cartons or an imaginative play city for small cars, here you will find creative craft ideas for the children's room, where children of all ages can participate.

21: A utensil for the children's room made from milk cartons

The crazy pretty utensil for the children's room not only makes the pens, scissors & Co. dance over their great new home, but also the little creative engineers will be happy about their new masterpiece on the handicraft table.

The upcycling idea is also super easy and cheap. You may also often have empty milk packaging lying around that would otherwise end up in the yellow bin. With this little DIY project with children you can not only do the environment a favor, but also the children's handicraft table, which can be tidied up faster with the utensil!

22: Handicrafts with cardboard: An easypeasy pretty wall decoration

This DIY wall decoration made of cardboard can be tinkered with the little guests on the next children's birthday party or maybe just child's play to conjure up a beautiful wall decoration for the children's room. The idea is wonderful for upcycling, because the basic material is cardboard - some of it is usually around with us and the stuff usually just ends up in the paper bin.

When it comes to decorating, the motto is: just be creative! Unpack your handicraft fund and discover other materials in the household that would be well suited for this wall decoration. Here, at least with us, the kids always have the craziest and funniest ideas for colorful decorations. I am curious how your wall decorations will look like!

23: A puppet theater with balloon puppets

The imaginative puppet theater with balloon puppets is not only a great DIY idea for the children's room, but also for the next children's party. You can make the theater with everyday household items together with children and use a little trick to fix it in the door frame.

In DIY, I'll also show you how your kids can easily transform small balloons into the craziest balloon figures for the theater. They are wonderfully suitable as puppet theater characters and every child can bring their very individual fantasy creatures out of their heads into reality.

24: size flight

How quickly the early riser toddler grows into a late riser school child can be seen from my size flight and whoever likes can even immortalize it with the date. Some time ago I designed the benchmark with hot air balloons flying in the air for the Eltern Magazin and show it to you here on my blog.

25: Parking garage shelf

Are you looking for a nice way to stow the unmanageable amount of small cars of the children in the nursery? Then you've come to the right place with the colorful parking garage shelf!

Most of the time, the small cars disappear into the depths of the everything drawer. But how about plenty of parking spaces just on the wall so that the pretty little cars can find their way into the garage more quickly?

My advice: This multi-storey car park rack has exactly 24 parking spaces. There are 24 great parking spaces for small gifts and surprises, in case you want to make a DIY advent calendar right away!

26: Name garland

The name garland is a nice idea for the nursery door, but it is also a wonderful gift for your best friend's baby who has just moved into their own room. You can get the blank wooden discs from well-stocked craft supplies or simply online. Of course, you can also cut out the slices yourself from a sheet of plywood with a fretsaw.

27: Day and night faces

The day and night faces look wonderful on the wall as a family portrait and, on the other hand, they are a beautiful evening ritual for children to find their way into the dreamland. It would also be a nice gift idea for new parents, wouldn't it?

With us, the faces hang in the hallway next to the bathroom and after brushing their teeth everyone can “put their little round wooden face in bed”. What is your best evening ritual with your children?

28: The play city

My husband made this amazing play city for our children and their little cars.All that is needed are small and large cardboard boxes, tape, hot glue and your imagination! You can decorate your play city nicely with colored craft paper and assemble the foldable base plate from high-density fiberboard, for example.

A few more ideas for the nursery and decoration:

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Make games with children

I love making games with children! It's at least as much fun for the kids, especially when the handicraft is finished and they can start playing. How about a funny domino with freckles or a game of skittles for a warm day in the country? Here we go!

29: The DIY bowling game for outdoors

The DIY skittles game is simply a magical game idea for outside in summer. Even the tinkering alone is really child's play - plus great fun. We have already saved this DIY idea for the next children's birthday party outdoors!

30: giant micado

The giant micado is one of my favorite ideas for a sunny day out in the countryside. It is easypeasy to do handicrafts with children and everyone can let off steam creatively while decorating the wooden sticks.

The game of Mikado is about loosening the sticks without touching another stick. To make the game even more exciting, you can paint the bars with different patterns so that each strip is a point. Who will be the Mikado Master for you?

31: Stacking Owl

The cheerful, colorful game “Stacking Owl” is a great idea for the whole family and also for just one player. In any case, Milla has stacked with us again and again with great perseverance. And when the next children's party is just around the corner, the stacking owl is a great souvenir and a nice gift idea for the birthday child!

32: The DIY shoe box theater

Making a shoebox theater is fun for even the youngest children and gives the whole family endless beautiful moments of play. Whether as a mouse circus, aquarium or fairy tale hut: The kids decide which fantasy world they want to create for the popsicle artist.

33: Domino with freckles

The sweet domino game with freckles is really child's play to make yourself with the help of beer mats. In addition, the little ones learn to understand quantities while playing and to use colors correctly.

For the DIY you only need a blank beer mat, a thick black marker and self-adhesive marking points as well as eye stickers for the funny faces. And you can start playing!

34: Throwing game flower meadow

The motley throwing game flower meadow is made quickly and easily from cardboard boxes and paper cups and it brings the summer back into the apartment immediately.

My advice: You can easily adapt this DIY idea so that the game fits a current topic. How about a scary version for Halloween, for example? No problem! With your imagination you can transform the flowery meadow into a gloomy throwing game with goose bumps guaranteed.

35: Black cat

The game “Black Cat” is the perfect idea when you have lunch in a café or even dinner with children in a restaurant. I always put something in my pocket for entertainment, to bridge long waiting times and to keep everyone, especially myself, in a good mood. The game is nice and small and brings a lot of entertainment for little and big mice!

36: The winner's podium

Let The Games Begin! At the request of the boys, Artur made the winners' stairs out of cardboard boxes and since then we have been taking part in one “Olympic” discipline after the other.

At the competitions, the kids come up with the funniest ideas: throwing socks into the blue drawer, bobby car races with duvet tunnels and jumping around the house according to time. But my favorite is: "Who eats spaghetti with tomato sauce without a stain on the shirt?"

Which games are you going to play?

Do you already know these DIY ideas for playing games with children?

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Handicrafts with children: which idea should you start with?

Phew, that was a ton of DIY ideas on crafting with kids! I hope you have found some nice and easy craft ideas that you can do with your kids.

But the question is: which idea should you start with? The first step: A look at your own handicraft pool helps! What materials do you already have there and maybe you can find a few household items that make good creative materials? I often discover, for example, empty cardboard boxes or milk cartons that can be used wonderfully for upcycling.

But tell me: which DIY did you like the most? I'm curious and look forward to your comments! And please be sure to share your own insider tips for handicrafts with children, with which the handicraft time is even more fun!

Happy craft time dear ones!