What is stopping you from everything

Question: What is stopping you from doing what you really want?

In my letter

Some time ago I asked this question to over 6000 subscribers to my newsletter “Letter from Felix”. Perhaps other people's thoughts and feelings will help you find an answer for yourself.

If you want, you are welcome to answer yourself in the comments.

Hello Felix, thank you for the nice impulses every week, your question this time appealed to me very much -What's stopping you from doing what you really want? For me it is the case that I very often impose “to dos” on myself in order to achieve goals in terms of career and success. In my case, this led to the fact that at the age of 26 I already had a senior manager position at Lufthansa, 5 Years of professional experience and both bachelor's and master's degrees with top grades in hand ... However, no time to really enjoy life and savor it. That's why I often envy young people (and I'm only 28) who want a career & Co. left their time and occasionally just did things that they wanted to do from the bottom of their hearts. Since last year I've started to listen more to my heart, which certainly has to do with the fact that I did my Strala Yoga training. I have changed jobs and now work as a doctoral student at the university, earn significantly less money, but I also have a lot more freedom. I'm still not perfect at directly approaching the things I actually want to do (e.g. pursuing creative hobbies, trying out new sports), but I'm getting better at addressing the goals of the ego (e.g. the perfect dissertation) and to listen to my heart. It takes a lot of courage to break free from these "ideals" (which you have ultimately imposed on yourself) and just let the work be work and something for yourself, for Fun to do. I wish you and your family a great time in Sweden!

Dear Felix! So far I have only been a reader of your letters, but this time I would like to answer the question you asked for myself. I used to be like doing all kinds of things for other people. Even things I didn't want to do. Maybe to “please”, to meet their “expectations” or to be what others wanted me to be. I've done things that I didn't enjoy. I even did learned a job that was easy for me and that I then enjoyed doing relatively well, but it wasn't the job that I really wanted to do. It wasn't my heart, but I “had” to work, so I made the best of it for myself. As with almost everything that was “imposed” on me and I only did to “please”. Unfortunately, it was I never stand up enough independently to stand up for the things that I really wanted. Fortunately, things are different today, not least because of you and your programs! To make the revelation and then the deliverance was the best thing that could have happened to me.

When I think back to how much I have changed since the first day of Revelation, I can no longer compare it to today. I was shy, reserved and dissatisfied with myself and my life! But I was allowed to change so much, even though I am I'm still a long way from my goal, but now I know in which direction it's going. And for the first time in my life I'm doing things that I want! That are good for me! That fill my heart. If I've learned something in the last 1 1/2 years that I've been able to work with you, it is that I just have to please myself. I am the person I spend the rest of my life with, well why shouldn't I make it as beautiful as possible for myself. I'm on my way to do what I really want. It is clear that this does not always happen overnight if you have other “obligations”. But I do not stand still. Everything step by step. Sometimes it's big steps, sometimes small, but I don't stop developing - I finally stand up for myself. For me and my wishes. And for my dreams, because dreams don't always have to remain dreams. It is important to know what you want in order to be able to implement it. I am so glad that I was able to change my life in this direction and, above all, that I feel important now too. And do what is good for me and not what others expect of me. Best regards

Hey dear Felix,
just had to smile, because 3 weeks ago I was in Sweden for a week, also with the tent in the wilderness, daily tenting and setting up and a few km with the canoe. Cooking on the bonfire, it was a completely new experience and I really drove down and enjoyed the great landscape.
To your question, how do I start investing in myself, I have already started and since 3016 I have been doing everything that is good for me.
This year I went new ways and can say that I went through a good change.
We met on nov 17 and since then my new life has emerged more and more and I can say I have arrived and can enjoy it.

Dear Felix What is stopping me from doing what I actually want? - I have asked myself this question again and again over the past few months. First I would have to answer the question, WHAT I actually want. Do I want to continue like this for the next few decades? What are my wishes / goals? At the moment I cannot answer these questions. I had ideas and dreams, but these require courage to initiate the whole thing, to leave familiar surroundings and to dare a new beginning and to give up securities. There is no time to calmly organize my thoughts to find out what I actually want. Everything goes in circles until a bold step is taken in a new direction. When will I dare it? What's next? Maybe one day I'll know, or I'll keep going in circles, who knows? Best regards

Good evening felix, I'm looking forward to the program the revelation. I was on vacation in Denmark for three weeks, it was so good. Now everyday life has me totally under control as mom. I forget myself so often and I don't notice that I am anymore I really know what I want from life. I can no longer find the right way to myself, have 20 kilos too much and when I am frustrated and stressed I eat what has gotten worse since the marriage with my husband. I don't even know what my professional future will be continues what I want exactly. Exactly all that concerns me so much that I am really unhappy. That I cry and can not really assign why. It scares me that others say that I am unhappy. That's why I'm looking forward to the program to new impulses from you, new energy for a new attitude towards life. I am looking forward to it.