Who will host the Super Bowl 2020

Super Bowl: new territory even for Tom Brady

Football is a game of seconds. And hardly anyone knows how to deal with it better than Tom Brady: eight seconds are enough for him to take the decisive step in this Super Bowl. Cold as ice, he delivers a 40 yard pass to the man. Touchdown. Just a blink of an eye before the break. The favored Green Bay Packers cannot recover from this deficit in the NFC Championship Game, the "semi-finals". In Sunday's final, Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face defending champions Kansas City Chiefs. It's Super Bowl number ten for Brady. This has never happened before in NFL history - like so much in his career. For comparison: no other NFL player has more than six participations. But this 55th Super Bowl is different, even by Brady standards.

"Finale at home" for Tampa

Experts hardly thought it possible that he would lead his new team from Tampa directly into the final in the first season. After twenty years and six titles with the New England Patriots, Brady had shaken his heads when he moved to Florida. "I don't know what exactly is going on, but someone made a mistake," said ex-star quarterback Joe Montana. Before Brady's arrival, the Bucs hadn't made it into the playoffs a single time since 2007. Thanks to him, they are now even allowed to play for the title in their own stadium, as the first team in NFL history - even if only 22,000 fans are allowed into the stadium instead of 75,000 due to the corona pandemic.

Sarah Thomas: "honored" to be one of the best referees at the Super Bowl

There she and veteran Brady will experience a novelty that was long overdue: With Sarah Thomas, a referee will first have a say in the course of the game. "To be the first woman means a lot to me," emphasizes the 47-year-old. As a mother of three, she wants to show her children, especially her little daughter, that she can do anything. Thomas has been the NFL's first professional referee since 2015. In the Super Bowl she will be active as a "Down Judge" in the six-person referee team.

Biggest age difference in history

On the way to a possible seventh NFL title, the 43-year-old Brady couldn't have picked a tougher opponent. The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning champion and also have an exceptional quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. "I really admire Patrick for the kind of player he is," said Brady. Mahomes' feeling for spaces in the field and the sometimes unorthodox passports are unique.

The two are united by a hunger for success. What separates them is the age difference: 18 years and 45 days - also a Super Bowl record. But Mahomes will not be fooled by this. For him, Brady is simply a "legend" against whom he desperately wants to win his second title. And the 25-year-old is certain: "It will be a great game."