Why do men love women with curves

Study Proves: Men who are into this type of woman are happier

Countless studies these days deal with the topics of love, relationship and marriage: Scientists reveal, for example, which signs indicate that the partner is cheating on you or how the separation of the parents affects the relationship life of the children of divorce. Recently, researchers even found what type of woman men are happiest with, and we weren't a bit surprised ...

Men find women with curves most attractive - according to science

One thing is certain: men find women with curves particularly hot. This is a fact, as researchers from the University of Texas found in a study. For this result, the scientists asked around 400 men about their dating preferences. Photographs of the female sex were presented to them and the subjects were asked to judge which they found most attractive based on their face or body. In the end, the result was clear as glass: For a long-term relationship, the majority of men chose the hypothetical partner based on her facial features. For an adventure, most guys pay attention to a curvy silhouette.

Study Proves: Men who are with a curvy woman are happier

We have already explained more than enough that men find curvy ladies particularly sexy. But we would never have thought that you would be happier in a relationship with this type of woman. Sounds strange, but it's true and the evidence for this is once again provided by science. More precisely, the American Plos One Journal revealed that guys who are in a relationship with a curvy woman lead happier lives. The reason: These power girls exude a great deal of calm and serenity, which proves to be particularly helpful in stressful situations, for example. These lucky guys should be ten times happier - the experts reveal!

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