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The Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Program

The Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Program (BFDPP) aims to promote an objective debate about the effectiveness, direction and content of national and international drug policies.

This NGO initiative brings together seasoned politicians, senior academics and practitioners to examine, in a spirit of objectivity and open debate, the most current facts about the effectiveness of drug policies. This is organized by a discussion forum, an international NGO consortium, an academic think tank and a series of meetings and seminars.

This website provides access to reports and information papers written by the BFDPP as well as information on relevant events and seminars. It also hosts a forum for selected participants to discuss drug policy dilemmas facing politicians around the world.

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Reports6: Facing the Future: The Challenge for National and International Drug Policy. (English)

This report summarizes the results of the series of reports and briefings published to date by the Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Program over the past 18 months. He concludes that there are marked limitations in the designs and foreseen future developments of current drug policies, which focus on downsupply and legal constraints, but that there is much that governments and international bodies can do to address widespread drug use among citizens.

BriefingPaper 10; Drug Policy in India - Promoting Damage? (English)
This piece looks at the history of psychoactive drug use in India, particularly the use of cannabis and opium derivatives in religious and social rituals. The authors argue that such use has been closely tied to social and cultural norms for centuries, and that there have been few addiction, crime, or public health problems associated with these practices. When the Indian government introduced criminal laws on drug production and consumption (to comply with the terms of the UN Charter) in the '80s, more harmful and excessive patterns of drug use have developed. While this is unlikely to be a direct result of legal and political changes, it is argued that current drug policies and programs are ill-equipped to counter the likely increase in addictive and dangerous behavior seen in other Asian countries.

Upcoming events:

Seminar: Beckley Foundation Global Drug Policy Seminar - 2005

This annual seminar brings together experienced politicians, officials and experts to discuss the latest facts and challenges in national and international drug policy.
As held last year in the impressive setting of the House of Lord, London, the event brings together four interconnected meetings: a main policy seminar, a second seminar, co-moderated with the UK government, which looks at the scientific changes in psychoactive drug use over the next 20 years, an academic symposium and a meeting of the International Drug Policy Consortium.
This is an opportunity to discuss real political dilemmas in the field of social policy in a respectful and confidential atmosphere. Access to this event is only possible by personal invitation, but a log is created.

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