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Development environment: PyCharm 2020.3 cleans up the user interface

The Czech tool manufacturer JetBrains has released an update for PyCharm, the Python development environment with code completion, code analysis, refactoring and debugger. PyCharm 2020.3 comes, among other things, with an automatic environment configuration for imported or cloned projects. In addition, Git commits can be found with Search Everywhere.

Automatic configuration of a Python environment

PyCharm 2020.3 is designed to automatically set up a Python environment when developers clone a project or one from the repository with one in it requirements.txt-,, environment.yml-, or pipfile-Import file. Another new feature is that Search Everywhere is now also looking for Git commits. The function can be opened by pressing the Shift key twice. Developers could then start searching and use the search dialog to perform mathematical calculations as well.

As with the latest versions of the JetBrain IDEs IntelliJ and WebStrom, PyCharm also appears with a few adjustments to the interface. This includes, for example, the new welcome window, which should enable faster initial setup. The development team behind the Python IDE has replaced the initial setup wizard with a quick access screen that, in addition to opening projects, offers access to adjustments, installing plug-ins and some learning and auxiliary resources.

News for the code editor

With version 2020.3, instructions in the code editor can be inverted, tabs can be arranged using drag-and-drop or displayed in a split screen. In addition, the PyCharm development team integrates Git staging support, with which developers can staging their content directly in the IDE. Under Preferences / Settings | Version Control | Git has an Enable staging Area check box that developers can use to enable this feature. Files can be added to the new staged node in the commit view using the plus sign.

For collaborative development, PyCharm 2020.3 supports Code With in the Early Access Program (EAP). The plug-in is a new service from JetBrains designed to support developers in collaborative development work and pair programming. Projects that are currently open in the IDE can be released for other project participants and edited in real time. Those interested can find the plug-in in the Marketplace under Preferences / Settings | Plugins | Marketplace.

Further innovations in PyCharm 2020.3 can be found in the blog post and the announcement page of the IDE. JetBrains offers all IDEs in a subscription model, with the price dropping within the first three years. PyCharm costs 89 euros for individual developers and 199 euros for companies per developer position in the first year. From the third year the annual price is 53 euros or 119 euros per user.


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