What is a water distillation plant

Build Stranded Deep Water Distillation Plant: Get Water

How can you build a water distillation plant and collect water in Stranded Deep? What do you need for the water distillation system and how can you use it to make something to drink? These questions will probably occupy one or the other player of the popular survival game called Stranded Deep on the PC and, more recently, on the PS4 and Xbox One. How to build the system for distilling water and how to use it to produce water, we have created a short guide in this article.

Build water distillation plant in Stranded Deep

Various materials are required to manufacture a water distillation system. This includes 1x palm frond, 1x cord, 1x fabric and 3x stones. You also need a coconut bottle with which you can catch the water.

  • 1x coconut bottle
  • 1x palm frond
  • 1x cord
  • 1x fabric
  • 3x stones

Get and drink water

Once you have made the water distillation system and set it up on the island, you can easily collect the water. Condensed water evaporates from the leaves by means of the solar warmer and is then collected in the coconut bottle. It is important that you can use not only fibrous leaves, but also palm fronds for the water distillation system. Since the fibrous leaves are quite scarce at the beginning and the fibrous leaves are needed for making cordage, among other things, it is better to use palm fronds.

Incidentally, you can not only quench your thirst with the water from the water distillation system, but you can also occasionally drink a coconut or two. But be careful, if you drink too much of it, you quickly drain more water from your body, so you shouldn't take too much of it.

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