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Hulu: New Netflix killer should come to Germany

A new streaming service is to come to Germany. The adult version of Disney Plus could really compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Hulu is extremely popular in the US and one of the biggest in the market. The provider belongs to Disney, which recently started extremely successfully with us with Disney Plus, but has so far provided an exclusively family-friendly offer.

Hulu could become the place where movies like Deadpool and other projects that get FSK higher than 12 find a streaming home in the future. CHIP reports exclusively on the expansion plans. According to this, an employee of the Disney group is said to have spoken during a video call that Hulu is aiming for a launch date in Europe in 2021.

The plans should be very specific. Apparently a team in Great Britain is already working on a corresponding marketing strategy. Disney itself has not yet confirmed the information about the German launch of Hulu, but the step would be only logical after the mouse company recently increased its Hulu shares to 68 percent. The rest is owned by Comcast, which NBC is a part of.

This means that Hulu has access to programming from ABC, FOX and NBC. That means series such as Prison Break, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives or Charmed - Magical Witches could soon no longer be seen on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but instead migrate to the German offshoot of Hulu.

So far, Hulu can only be seen in the US and with a few tricks abroad. That could change in 2021 and Hulu could become something of a Disney + for adults. Until then, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Netflix will continue to deliver new streaming content. Find out what's new on Netflix in July in our video player.