What is a door decor

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The Door panels of the car cover the vehicle doors from the inside, and often take on numerous other functions in modern vehicles. The door opener, the radio loudspeakers and numerous buttons are often integrated into the inside door trim, for example to operate the window lifters or to adjust the side mirrors. The door trim can wear out, especially in older cars, or be damaged due to a wide variety of causes, which can be expressed by various symptoms, and such a thing It is necessary to change the door panel makes. Skilled car screwdrivers can sometimes remove the door trim themselves and exchange it for a suitable spare part in order to reduce the cost of the repair. It is also a good idea to use used door panels at low prices, which can often be conveniently bought online.

Structure and function of the door panel in a car

To cover the inside of the vehicle doors and to disguise visually appealing, in most vehicles special interior door panels are used that are tailored to the respective model. While the interior door panels of cars in earlier times consisted of cardboard that was covered with fabric or synthetic leather, and often only covered part of the door, this is usually the case in modern vehicles Plastic door panels are used, the invisible support parts of which can also consist of other materials. Nowadays, interior door panels are common in their shape adapted to the dashboardto allow a harmonious transition. In many vehicle models, parts of the door panels or the integrated armrests are covered with fabric or leather, or provided with soft plastic applications. Modern door panels often also accommodate the speakers of the radio or entertainment system fulfill numerous other functions.

In addition to an armrest, the interior door panels often also contain keypads for seat adjustment, for adjusting the side mirrors and for the car's window lifters. There are often different versions of the door panels available for one and the same vehicle model, for example Differences in body shape can exist, so that a different interior door panel is required for a sedan than for the coupé. In addition, differences can arise, for example, from whether the car in question has manual operation of the side windows using a crank, or whether electric window lifters are installed. It is therefore not always easy to find a suitable spare part for changing the door panel. Inexpensive used door panels can sometimes be bought at a car scrap yard. However, drivers often have to remove the inside door panels themselves in a car scrap yard, which in turn costs time. It is sometimes cheaper to buy the used interior door panels you need from car recycling at attractive prices online. In this way, costs can often be saved if the car driver has the Change the defective inner door panel yourself would like to. The used interior door panels often already contain all the components, such as the loudspeakers, the door openers and the buttons for the power windows.

Defects in the door panel

The interior door panels of the car can be damaged due to various causes, or especially in the case of older cars, they also wear out, and then have to be changed. There are various symptoms of wear and tear on the door panels. Common signs of a defect in the door trim are cracks or severe scratches in the material. Over time, further damage to the door trim can also occur, which is then shown, for example, by symptoms such as a torn off or hanging inside door trim, on which the Latches broken off could be. Then the door panel has to be exchanged for a suitable component, which can sometimes be bought cheaply online and installed yourself.

The inside door trim is occasionally changed, however, even if the car in question is a youngtimer in whose front door trim holes were cut in the past in order to retrofit loudspeakers. In order to be able to restore the original state, they are then often intact Door panels in the matching color needed. Such door panels for older cars can, however, sometimes be bought cheaply from certified car recycling and conveniently ordered online.

Signs of a broken door panel

  • Cracks in the door panel
  • Severe scratches on the plastic surface
  • The inside door panel is broken
  • Broken latches on the door panel
  • The speaker grille is cracked

Possible causes for a defective door panel

  • Material aging of the plastic
  • Wear and tear on older cars and frequent use
  • Damage when loading the car
  • Improper installation of speakers in the door trim

Changing the door panel on a car

If there are clear signs that indicate a defect in the door panel, the panel should exchanged for a suitable spare part become. Skilled and skilled hobby screwdrivers sometimes like to replace the inside door trim themselves in order to save costs. The exact How to change the door panel can differ depending on the vehicle model. In modern cars, the door trim is often only attached with clip connections that can be released in various ways. After Dismantling the defective door panel the appropriate spare part can be installed in reverse order. Sometimes it is still necessary to transfer the buttons for seat adjustment or the power windows from the old to the new door panel. If the repairs are carried out in a specialist workshop, the resulting Cost of changing the door panel differ depending on the vehicle model and the amount of work involved.

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