Are intelligent people unnecessarily argumentative

Mithulogy column: Ecce homeopathy

I don't tell people how to handle their bodies. So why should I be outraged about globules?

Do people who take globules believe that the earth is flat? Photo: dpa

So far I have assumed that the social rifts run on the basis of topics such as migration or sex work, but far from it! What really drives people to white heat are: sugar globules.

Don't worry, I'm not going to list studies for the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of homeopathy, both of which exist. How should I have an informed debate in the brevity of a column? What I'm much more interested in is why smart, enlightened people, in the name of enlightenment, have to tell others what is right and what is wrong.

And homeopathic remedies are so wrong that the mere fact that many health insurances offer them as a voluntary service is seen as an attack on scientific thinking. Source: Twitter! If I take globules, do I also believe that the earth is flat?

Now I have no problem when people think globules are nonsense. After all, I don't tell people how to treat their bodies. The free choice of doctor and treatment - and also not to choose any treatment - are the cornerstones of an open democracy.

"Attempted assault"? Wow.

Now, of course, we can get caught up in discussions about the free choice of doctor for children, but we can also leave it. The number of parents who would rather give globules than have an inflamed appendix removed is far, far, far below those who let their children eat dog food or beat them to death.

What we are talking about here is 0.03 percent of the expenses - health insurances also get wasted in other ways - but I still understand the annoyance that insurers do not pay for central services such as glasses, but scream at sugar globules. So how about a fundamental debate about our health system instead?

So I had to pay for the birth of my son myself because I wanted to give birth to him in the birth house. When I mentioned this in the #homeopathy debate, a woman who otherwise campaigns for rights similar to me tweeted: "People who give birth in birth centers should be reported to me because of attempted bodily harm to children." Wow!

Why are all doctors suddenly and have an intimate knowledge of medical relationships that - spoilers! - are significantly more complex? In this way medicine makes a distinction between effectiveness and benefit. About the effectiveness one can argue about homeopathy. And it makes sense to look carefully, just like with allopathy. The Stiftung Warentest has just come to the conclusion that one out of four over-the-counter drugs not only does not work, but is harmful. But the Use of homeopathy is obvious, even if it is due to the placebo effect. So obvious that the placebo effect also exists for pets and houseplants.