What are the advantages of Samsung smartphones


Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world and has a high market share in Germany, among other places. More than almost any other manufacturer, the manufacturer from South Korea has understood in recent years how to bring smartphones onto the market in different device classes that are consistently tailored to the needs of customers.

Many Samsung smartphones for many target groups

Part of the strategy: Bringing many different Samsung phones onto the market in order to be able to address different target groups. For business users, more expensive models from the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series are available, for young people there is a broad family of A-class models to choose from, and Samsung has a J series on offer for beginners.

Samsung phones with sophisticated technology

A real added value with Samsung smartphones: The Samsung phones are equipped with hardware that is largely developed by the manufacturer itself. Samsung is not only one of the largest manufacturers of OLED displays, but also manufactures the processors for its smartphones itself. Name of the CPU family for Samsung smartphones: Exynos.

Samsung smartphones for one or two SIM cards

Incidentally, more and more Samsung smartphones offer the option of being operated with two SIM cards. In technical terms, this means that Samsung phones are dual-SIM capable. The advantage of dual SIM: For example, users can insert a SIM card for private calls and one for business calls into their mobile phones. Or use a prepaid card in addition to the standard SIM card on vacation to avoid expensive roaming costs.

Buy Samsung smartphones with or without a contract

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Android 12 is currently in the beta phase. The final version should appear in late summer. Then the smartphone manufacturers can distribute the update to their phones. In this guide, we will show you for each manufacturer which smartphones are supplied with the major update.