What are the most popular sports blogs

The most popular sports blogs for fitness, football & Co.

The topic of sport is becoming more and more popular on the Internet. On social media platforms such as Instagram, fitness and sports influencers have long been among the most famous personalities on the platform. A similar picture emerges in the German blog landscape. A sports blog is now more popular than ever before.

Why are sports blogs so popular?

Sport is practically everyone's business, because almost everyone seeks exercise at least now and then. The problem is often the lack of time, which is why the sport falls by the wayside. In these cases, many German hobby athletes appreciate it all the more when they can read about other people's sporting reports. Honest stories, including setbacks and successes, are particularly popular.

Sports bloggers have become important influencers for companies and brands. They can be the face of events and sporting goods - because they are popular among sports fans.

What sports blogs are there?

Fitness & Endurance Blogs

There are basically more German fitness bloggers today. The English blog is international "YouOptimized" one of the most famous. In Germany there is no one fitness blog, but there are many interesting ones like "Tri it fit" or Moved. Well-known running blogs include, for example "Ice cubes in the shoe", "Running Twins" and "Up to the top".

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Soccer blogs

Football is by far the most popular sport in Germany, which is why it is clear that the blog landscape is also the largest in this area. A well-known soccer blog is "blog meets ball"who mainly deals with the Hansa Rostock association. Many other clubs also have blogs that deal almost exclusively with one team. But there are also neutral blogs like "Kick fever".

Lifestyle & Yoga Blogs

German bloggers are now in almost all areas. A new trend are yoga blogs like "Fuck Lucky Go Happy", "Life flow" or that "Yoga Journal". Especially in times of environmental protection and sustainability, yoga is increasingly becoming the focus of sports enthusiasts. The subject of "lifestyle" is also close at hand. Blogs with lifestyle content inspire many people every day - or just entertain them. Both blogs succeed in doing both "KISS and TELL" or "Miss Order" - and of course countless more.

Blogs for women

Blogging is by no means a men's business. Fitness blogs for women - and mostly for women too - have caught up a lot in recent years and are hardly less common. Popular bloggers are for example "The Mandarine Girl", "Design jungle" and "Inna Style". Also in the sports area are with "Go Girl! Run" and other blogs given many opportunities for women to be advertised by exciting blogs.