Are narcissists capable of genuine shyness

Open, covert, and malignant narcissism

The exhibitionist type publicly demonstrates its greatness. This type can be very successful in a competitive world. His appearance seems very self-confident. People of this type behave arrogantly and coolly towards their fellow men. This form is also known as open narcissism.

Grandiose, malignant type

Malignant narcissism is a combination of narcissism, aggression, paranoia, and antisocial behavior. The term malignancy is used in medicine for malignant diseases. People of this type are convinced of their greatness. If they feel that they are not adequately valued by others, take revenge without remorse, even if the rejection that they accuse others of does not have to be real.

Vulnerable-fragile type

People who suffer from vulnerable narcissism are usually not recognized as narcissists as quickly as they are extremely vulnerable, shy and hypersensitive. This form is therefore also known as covert narcissism. Like the other guys, they are self-fixated and unable to feel real empathy towards others. Criticism or rejection can trigger severe crises in them, which can even lead to suicide.

Most of those affected do not always appear as the respective type, for example those affected by the grandiose type can appear very self-confident and grandiose at one moment and shortly afterwards show signs of depression and anxiety.

Are there female and male narcissism?

In popular science, a distinction is often made between female and male narcissism. According to this, vulnerable narcissism should rather represent the female form of narcissism, especially because grandiose narcissism occurs more often in men. But there are no studies that support this thesis.