What is your highest level of education

Scale: highest educational qualification

Study IGLU - International Primary School Reading Study (2006)

Survey Questionnaire survey (scale collection): IGLU 2006

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Theoretical background--

Target group: teachers

Survey period 2006

Publication date 06/30/2020

Number of items1

Characteristic values ​​of the scale

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Items on the scale

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What is your highest educational qualification? ------

Answer category

1I don't have a secondary school diploma / middle school leaving certificate / graduation from POS after class 10 or technical college certificate or high school diploma / university entrance qualification
2Realschule qualification / intermediate maturity / completion of the POS after grade 10 or technical college entrance qualification or Abitur / university entrance qualification
3Vocational school qualification (apprenticeship, training) / vocational school or qualification from a technical school / master craftsman or technical school or a school of health care
4University of applied sciences degree / FH diploma / degree from a vocational academy or university degree (Magister, diploma, state examination) or higher