Are huskies an intelligent breed of dog

Such is the nature of the husky

The husky is best known as a sled dog. This is exactly how the nature of this large breed of dog is: it is a hardworking workhorse that is intelligent and full of energy. The strong and vigorous dog from Siberia is very capable of learning, but you must not expect absolute obedience from him, such as from a shepherd dog. This prevents the husky from being idiosyncratic.

Husky's character: Not a good watchdog

These four-legged friends are very trusting. Whether acquaintances or strangers - they actually don't know anyone shy. It is precisely this openness that many dog ​​fans love about the Husky. But remember: the beautiful sled dog is not suitable as a guard dog.

Due to his origins as a sled dog, however, he is used to work. When well trained, he can pull up to nine times his own body weight. But he also likes to tackle other tasks. Long walks are important because the husky needs plenty of exercise and exercise - this is due to its origins as a working dog.

With a good upbringing he has a very pleasant nature

But it is important that the four-legged friend is brought up flawlessly. Especially with large dogs, it is important that they hear perfectly so that you as the owner do not get into an uncomfortable situation. Even if the Siberian is considered to be very independent and independent, it is still important that he recognizes who is the master of the house. But if you start a good upbringing when you are a puppy, living together with this bundle of energy with children or other dogs is usually no problem.

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