How will Flash Savitar stop

Who is Savitar? The Flash Season 3 Reveal Is Coming! (Update)

Update: After the teaser, the first pictures of the exciting episode are now also inThe Flash Season 3 is here! Don't worry, of course they don't spoil who Savitar is. But you can see impressions from the confrontation of Team Flash with Killer Frost as well as guest star Anne Dudek as scientist Tracy Brand. You can find the pictures in the gallery below and a few more attached. You can also only find a spoiler picture attached, which shows who Killer Frost is taking hostage ...


Only four more episodes of The Flash Season 3 are in the US The CW open, it's time again to air a mask! This is exactly what will happen in the upcoming episode 20 "I Know Who You Are", the fans will find out who the evil speedster Savitar is.

In the teaser too The Flash Season 3 episode 20 faces Barry aka The Flash (Grant Gustin) Savitar himself unmasked to. And pronounces the episode title. Savitar's answer: "It's all about time". Will there be a familiar face behind the mask? Savitar's sentence seems to suggest that. Meanwhile, scientist Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) may be the key to stopping Savitar, but Killer Frost is after her too. As a result, Team Flash and their ex-member are hostile to each other. Which is going to be tough, especially for Cisco. In addition, the tide turns in the relationship between Joe and Cecile ...

The revealing episode 20 of The Flash Season 3 is in the US next Tuesday, May 2nd at The CW to see. Who do you think is behind the mask?