How is the health system in India

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General information on the health system

Medical care in Delhi is not bad in the private sector, but it differs from standard western medicine. Medical bills and medication must usually be paid immediately in cash or by credit card. English-speaking staff cannot be expected in all departments of government hospitals.
The German embassy in New Delhi and the consulates general in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Calcutta have compiled lists of doctors and hospitals in the respective geographical districts of the representations.

Hospitalization and repatriation

Diagnosis / treatment in private clinics in Indian hospitals is sometimes more expensive than in Germany. Your statutory or private health insurance does not always cover these costs.
It is strongly advised to take out health insurance including repatriation insurance for a medical evacuation to your home country that may be necessary.


Not all Western medicines are available in India so bring a sufficient travel supply of the medicines you will need with you. In particular, drugs that are subject to the Narcotics Act in Germany are sometimes not available in India. If you bring medication with you for regular consumption, it is advisable to carry a medical certificate in English with you. The amount of medication must be in reasonable proportion to the length of stay of the traveler. The Indian import regulations can change at any time, inquire about the current regulations at the Indian embassy in Berlin before you start your journey.

Regional medical practice

The regional medical practice of the German embassy in New Delhi is located on the first floor of the German embassy and is open to all EU citizens.
The practice has its own laboratory, its own pharmacy, diagnostics (ultrasound, EKG / stress, 24-hour blood pressure and EKG, lung function and hearing test) and an emergency room, all vaccines are in stock (including yellow fever). Regional medical practice.

Medical care India

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Medical care in Chennai
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Information on major diseases

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