Why was Roseanne canceled

A few months ago the comeback season of the 90s hit series "Roseanne" started on the US broadcaster ABC and achieved fantastic ratings. The portrayal of the American middle class under the presidency of Donald Trump was presented in a contemporary and controversial manner; the comedy should actually also run in the next few years with its leading actress Roseanne Barr. But then Barr afforded a racist failure on Twitter that cost her the job and the series. She insulted a black politician as both an ape and a radical Muslim woman, and the ABC station pulled the plug straight away for "Roseanne".

The first season of the "Roseanne" new edition was no longer shown in full, and the broadcast in Germany was also canceled. Cast members attacked Roseanne Barr publicly, fans and press were horrified by her statements - although Barr has fired violent statements in all political directions in recent years and openly supports Donald Trump.

200 jobs are retained

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As a consequence and after threats from advertising partners, the series has now been canceled, at least that's what they thought. But the broadcaster ABC is now daring an experiment: "Roseanne" will be continued without the actual leading actress. The last name of the Conner family becomes the title, "The Conners" is provided with 10 fresh episodes. John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson and Michael Fishman will resume their roles. A start date has not yet been announced, the first episodes should be broadcast in spring 2019.

Roseanne Barr herself regretted being thrown out in her statement, but is happy for the 200 crew members whose jobs will be retained by "The Conners".