Who is better Rooney or Pele

Sir Alex Ferguson: Rooney is our Pele

Manchester. Shortly before the first Champions League game between Manchester United and Benfica Lisbon, Jorge Jesus, the coach of the Portuguese, sees Wayne Rooney's way of playing football not as typically British, but rather as Argentine or Brazilian. Sir Alex Ferguson, United's coach, makes similar comparisons. “Look at Pele, he was a very aggressive attacker, but he also had an eye for the other players. So did Rooney. I see similarities in strength, speed and determination, ”says the team manager skysports.comquoted.

Rooney has more than just talent

According to Ferguson, the mix of determination, professionalism and talent sets Rooney apart from his colleagues in the Premier League and makes him the best player in England. What this impressively underpins with already eight goals in four players. Ferguson believes that the key to Rooney's current strength is his British mentality: “There were many English footballers with great qualities, such as Paul Gascoigne, George Best, Bobby Charlton and Dennis Law. Rooney is like them. He has great courage, stamina and just wants to play football all the time. These qualities add to his talent. "

Your opinion: is Rooney England's best kicker?

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