Can you wear hats?

Bucket hat: 5 perfect occasions men wear in 2020

Evil tongues call it "tourist hat" or "pot hat" - fashion experts call it a cloth hat, bucket has or fishing hat. We call it briefly for this text: Bucket's hat. This headgear is literally in the current seasons on top. Whether large luxury brand designers or affordable vertical suppliers - they all have it in their collections. Because the bucket hat is the perfect companion for several occasions. So men: have the courage to wear this hat!

Some wear it with chunky sneakers and a fanny pack over their chest - others with a simple business trench coat and wide-cut trousers. This shows the enormous versatility of the bucket hat, which as a new accessory in men's fashion perfectly expands the selection of headgear. Irish fishermen once wore it on their boats - now stylish men around the world wear it on the streets.

Bucket hat for men: my choice

I was inspired to buy from my blogger colleague Jean-Claude Mpassy - and I haven't regretted it. My good piece is a black nylon bucket hat from Prada. Nylon is the central material in Miuccia Prada's fashion (more about the Prada style here). Black can be combined flexibly and the softly shimmering nylon is easy to wear with both business and street-style looks.

Admittedly: the short brim looks unusual at first and has not only received positive comments on Instagram. But my clear answer to this:

Fashion also needs the courage not to please everyone.

But how do you wear it in style and for which occasions does it specifically fit? Let's take a closer look at the men's fashion looks of the designers, the Instagramer and the fashion blogger together.

Bucket hat for men on vacation in the city

We don't let Corona spoil our vacation and travel either - and this is exactly what the fisherman hat is perfect for. It can withstand kinking in the luggage compartment and it is the ideal protection against both the sun's rays and the cold. I myself came to appreciate him very much on my city trip to Weimar in December; the bucket hat is comfortable, stylish and practical if you don't want to style your hair.

As a tourist, wear it with a bit of irony: with a shoulder wallet or smartphone strap - or hip with a vintage-style camera, you can enhance the tourist look. You are a tourist - if so, then right! The fisherman hat is also suitable for beach and summer holidays: with shorts or a print shirt with a Cuban collar, it fits perfectly on the beach promenade, where you can sip a summer cocktail in the evening.

Bucket hat for men in black & white

From summer to rain: the bucket hat fits even on wet days. After all, it's made for this weather! Combine it with a simple black outfit, for example. This is a good choice for rainy days anyway. A rainproof trench coat, black jeans - and if it's not too wet, white sneakers as a contrast go well with it.

I also find the look of the man in the sweater with the white polo shirt collar very stylish. It reminds me a lot of the 1980s and is carefully transferred to 2020 through the bucket hat. The white denim jacket in the picture next door also matches the black bucket hat by Calvin Klein perfectly. A cool spring look without pastel colors. And please also look at the first picture: Here the man over forty shows that men and not only boys can wear a bucket hat well.

Bucket hat for men: street style

The bucket hat is made for the street style look: Hardly any blogger or Instagramer can do without it in 2020. It completes the look with bulky sneakers, wide trousers and a bum bag. If you wear it like that, you can schedule the photo for Instagram right away. However, I see this look too often now - and recommend that you think about it differently:

  • with an eye-catching chain (you can find out how men wear chains here)
  • with a light shirt and a bandana, both look very sophisticated
  • with a striking jacket print; Prints are very popular in 2020 (here are the fashion trends for spring)
  • with a wide sweater in a grunge look à la Kurt Cobain
  • with one of the trendy, checked patterns, for example from Burberry (here my blog post about the Burberry style)

Bucket hat: Dressman in the office

The fisherman hat looks well dressed in business too: In the office you should take it off for reasons of politeness (we have good manners) - but on the way to work it attracts attention. Let's see what looks good on the Pinterest wall above:

  • A coat in a camel color or a trench coat in a light beige color goes well with the black bucket hat (choose a more elegant model here).
  • think of an earthy look here too, with the now popular sugar-almond brown or a small diamond
  • A casually worn suit with sneakers and a bucket hat is also ideal.
  • Or you can upgrade with a pocket square and larger plaid pattern. What would otherwise look upright is loosened up again by the bucket hat.
  • The bucket hat even goes well with a tie, as our model Richard Biedul shows here in a bright summer outfit (even if it reminds a bit of a safari tour).

Bucket hat for men: evening wear

It was the most difficult category to find good examples of the bucket hat - but it is an actual style statement, especially in the evening. Think of a light summer party where the bucket hat, for example, refines the summer suit. The man with the red and gold poncho also wears a sensational bucket hat in the same tone. And a bold chain too. What an outfit! It is more simple with a black look and a cool silver chain with a pendant. It always works.

If you like it more colorful, you can wear the fisherman hat as a colored eye-catcher with otherwise simple clothes. Also daring: Animal patterns such as the leopard print hat or the Neil Barrett zebra pattern in red. I have put together examples of such hats for you on the pin board. It doesn't always have to be the expensive brands! Good fishing hats are available for less than 100 euros! Just have a look around in the well-known online shops.

Very daring, but definitely a style, is the purple mesh shirt with a bucket hat for the party. An airy look perfect for the dance floor or for a festival on hot summer days. I also really like the retro outfit of the man in the Aaliyah T-shirt (God bless her) with curb chain and fishing hat. You can also wear one of the narrow matrix-style sunglasses (micro glasses) that will be back in 2020. Have a look at my blogger colleague Mister Matthew for the latest eyewear trends.

Bucket hat for men: And one last opportunity ...

For whom the bucket hat is definitely worthwhile as a practical assessment: for fishing.

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