How can you sell corporate videos

How To Use Video As A Selling Tactic For Your Business

According to Amazon, a third of users prefer shops that offer product videos. Online customers can become more willing to buy when videos are in use. These numbers are clear: Anyone who wants to be successful in e-commerce today also has videos to offer.

Moving images fill the shopping cart

It's no longer a secret that bespoke videos fill shopping carts. Studies with so-called split tests show that sales are better on a product page with video clips than on pages without video - and for exactly the same product.

Tip: With a so-called split test, you can test two variants of a website to see which is more successful in the end.

The moving images can ensure better sales. These can be product videos that show everything about a product. Or there are explanatory videos that show exactly how a product is to be used. Making videos like this yourself is not that difficult. You don't have to be a great director or actor to do this. With the right software support, you can create high-quality explanatory videos in a short time.

This is how explanatory films help with sales

Humans are visual beings, which is why videos are so sought after. The video platform YouTube has a billion users worldwide, Facebook has 8 billion video views every day. You can take advantage of this in your company and use videos as a marketing and sales tool.

It makes a difference whether you read about how a product or service works or whether you can see how it works. The daily flood of text information often means that consumers are overwhelmed. If the information is not perfectly tailored to the user, is explained in a complicated manner or does not suit the needs of the user, it will not be noticed. Texts as long as pages testify on the one hand to expertise and advisory skills, but they are rarely read. Videos facilitate access to information and meet the consumption behavior of consumers. That can make them an indispensable marketing tool.

What a successful product video can do