What are the most dangerous spider bites

Spider bites in Germany: That's how dangerous they are

Most of the spiders in Germany are harmless, but caution is advised with spider bites. One species of spider is particularly dangerous.

Despite all the tabloids: The majority of spiders in Germany are not a threat. Nevertheless, it can happen that you are bitten by a spider and then feel uncomfortable. Find out here which species can be dangerous to humans and what to do after a bite.

Dangerous spiders in Germany

Most native species of spiders are harmless. Either their venom is not strong enough to harm humans or their fangs are too weak to penetrate the skin. Few spiders in Germany can transmit poison so strong that it becomes dangerous for humans when bitten.

Nurse Dornfinger

Nurse thorn finger: The red-orange head of this spider species is particularly noticeable. (Source: imagebroker / imago images)

One species of spider that is poisonous to humans is the wet nurse's thorn finger. This species of spider grows to around 15 millimeters. Their color is striking: the rear part is yellow to green, the head is red-orange. If the nurse's thorn finger bites, it hurts like a bee or wasp sting. Although people keep talking about the "most poisonous spider in Germany", the bite of the thorn finger is not fatal. Permanent damage after a bite is also not known.

However, the symptoms can be uncomfortable - even for healthy people. They range from severe swelling of the bite site to fever and circulatory problems. A doctor should definitely be consulted after the bite of a nurse's thorn finger.

Garden spider

Garden spider in the web: The fangs of this spider only make it through thin areas of skin. (Source: blickwinkel / imago images)

The garden spider also has a reputation for being particularly poisonous. In reality, however, the fangs of this species of spider only make it through particularly thin areas of skin - for example on the back of the knees. The spider bite itself hurts like a mosquito bite and leaves reddening or itching on the affected skin areas.

The following applies to the garden spider and all other spider species: The animals only attack when they feel threatened. This especially happens when they're afraid of being crushed.

Recognize a spider bite

If you do not see a spider biting you in Germany, it is difficult to clearly identify a spider bite. Symptoms such as redness and itching are too similar to those of a common mosquito bite. In both cases, it can help to cool the affected area of ​​skin.

When is a spider bite dangerous?

You should see a doctor if, in addition to skin irritation, symptoms such as:

  • strong pain
  • nausea
  • Circulatory failure
  • Vomit
  • dizziness
  • chills
  • fever

Especially risk groups such as children, allergy sufferers or people with health problems should see a doctor immediately after a spider bite.

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