Is Bitwig better than Ableton

Ableton / Bitwig: Which DAW can do better?

Green Dino

Greta Sub Bass
I also had a look at Bitwig today. When you come from Ableton Live you feel at home straight away.

The modulators are a lot of fun!
However, I quickly noticed that you cannot assign modulators to the OP interconnections in the FM4 Synth (I mean the Operator Routing Matrix). How cool would that be with a fat FM bass if you could assign modulators or complex macros ...
Automation curve doesn't work for that either ... Very, very unfortunate!
Otherwise I had a lot of fun ...
If you come from live you could start right away, some things are very well done, but ultimately I don't see the added value.

Then rather ne DAW, which is conceptually completely different. Of course that means a lot of work ...

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So ... I had now read it again because I thought it was possible that the mistake was on my side; Unfortunately not, the routing matrix of FM4 cannot be modulated. What a shame, a shame, a shame.
On the one hand, one could argue that the purpose of a routing matrix is ​​not to be modulated - on the other hand, the modulators are already an essential feature and Bitwig places itself in the modular corner (integration of hardware modulars etc.).
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