What is something so softly loud

Films, series and documentaries: are the voices too quiet?

Who does not know that? You have made yourself really comfortable in the evening hours and watch a film or the current favorite series cuddled up on the couch. Out of consideration for the neighbors, the volume has been reduced a bit. The background music now sounds pleasant, but now the voices are too soft. So you better make it a little louder. Then it happens: in an action scene, all of a sudden, deafening noise, as if the living room were exploding.

Explosion too loud, voices too soft.

Music and sound effects in films and series are often far too loud and the voices too quiet. Why is that? The cause is a high dynamic range. So that the sound sounds more realistic, many directors decide to mix their films and series very dynamically - after all, an explosion is very loud in real life, and voices are much quieter in comparison.

The dynamic range is the difference between the softest and loudest noise on a sound track.

This effect is therefore quite deliberate. It occurs primarily with Blu-rays and the streaming of series and films. Only in the case of TV programs is the difference in volume not that great. It is noticeable here, however, that films are often a little quieter than advertising. This is because most TV stations reduce the dynamic range so that the viewer always understands everything. However, that doesn't change the fact that you have to adjust the volume again by the next commercial block at the latest. Another aspect that can contribute to this problem is the thin construction of current televisions. Because clay needs space. Due to their design, the small TV speakers cannot provide a deep bass or spatial sound.

A soundbar for clear voices.

A space-saving method to still get a room-filling sound is to use a soundbar. This bar-shaped speaker can easily be placed in front of or under the TV. The high quality sound output of our SC-HTB688 highlights the actors' voices crystal clear. A wireless subwoofer ensures a rich bass. However, there are also soundbars that can do without an external subwoofer, such as our SC-SB10. This has an integrated subwoofer and can therefore be integrated into your home theater in an even more space-saving manner.

The soundbars from Panasonic come up with different modes with which you can, for example, specifically reinforce dialogues. With the SC-HTB688, the "VOICE" mode generally improves the clarity of dialogues. With “NEWS” you can specifically amplify the voices of news anchors and sports commentators.

Audio settings help to optimize the sound image.

To adapt the sound output to your needs, use additional presets and sound profiles in the audio settings of the soundbar and your TV. Basically, speech becomes clearer as you raise the treble and lower the bass. So make sure that the volume of the subwoofer is not set too high. A subwoofer that is too loud creates unpleasant bass thunder in action scenes. As a result, the voices are too quiet. Experiment with different settings and then see which profile suits your hearing best. You can achieve further sound tuning through the clever placement of your room furnishings.

If the dialogues are easy to understand and the action is clear - but not too loud - nothing stands in the way of a relaxed movie evening or binge-watching with your friends. This is not only good news for you, your neighbors will thank you too.